Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Outdoor Decorations

I am complying a bit with the theme today, at least for a minute to say that as I grew up we had no outdoor lights or decorations.  I don't think my dad wanted to put them up.  Can't say that I blame him, it's alot of work.  And it can be pricey.  But I loved to look at them and wished I had them in my yard.  Now as an adult we have a string of lights outside and that is about all.  I still like to look at the decorations others put out each year.  And I think everyone who does is so wonderful for doing that. So that is all I have to write about the theme.

So for my own "theme" of the day it is quite quickly the FamilySearch Devotional and Christmas luncheons.  Each year we have a lunch at work at Christmas time.  Each department goes to the 26th floor on a particular day along with their missionaries and a nice lunch is served to us, along with a Church authority who gives a message.  This year it was Elder Packer that spoke to us and it was about our Family History "Family", working together and enjoying our companionship.  It was nice.  Then we ate.  On today's menu was ham, shrimp, green salad, rice pudding, cheese and crackers, rolls, broccoli salad, and cookies, and cake.

Here is the plate I picked up.  We could have 2nds too.  I had another bit of salad because it was very good!

A little shot of the buffet table.
Waiting to eat!
So that was today.  Tomorrow will be a quiet day.  Once in a while I need that, too!

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