Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Christmas Cards

OK,  I apologize!  This is not going to be about Christmas Card today but I posted that because that is the only way the Geneablogger search engine finds it!  So for the "Sub-title"  I am posting:

The Office Christmas Party #1

So tonight Marion, our part-time counter helper at the Library had a German dinner for the staff and missionaries.  And because Marion is a great cook, she had a BIG crowd.  She cooked a fantastic meal  Here are our hosts Marion and Guenter.
Here are a few of the wonderful things on tonight's menu!
Here is the gravy in a Bunzlau pottery dish.  I have some of this Polish pottery also.  Love it!  Then a brocolli dish, another dish of kind of a creamed pea dish and cucumber salad.  Cheeses, salami, sourdough bread and another type.
So in the middle, red cabbage and on the other side is Sauerkraut.
German Goulasch and on the right 130 Roladen!  Now that's alot of Roladen.  I am glad I only have to make about 15 for Christmas.  That's plenty!  Marion was so nice we could even take home some left-overs!
Here are some of us eating while others are still in line, hoping there is food there when they get to it.  And there was plenty for all and then some!
And here is the other side of the table!  Notice I am smiling.  That was before I realized I had just gained 15 lbs!
Here is the elite group that sat in the formal dining room.  Notice they have no food yet!
Marion makes a 9X13 Black forest cake.  Really nummy, behind that some streusel Kuchen.  She made two kinds, one with blueberries, too.  She made about 6 different desserts. 
More dessert.  Did I say I gained 15 lbs?  or was it 16, 17...or what?
Those numbers just keep on going higher and higher... oh my.
Well, it's getting late, I'm tired and soon need to sleep.  So that unpictured items, were mashed potatoes, spaetzle, the breads and cheeses.  So it was fun, great food and now it's time to diet!


  1. Nice! All my favorite foods and more… Glad you are enjoying the
    Christmas season. Yesterday I started with my cookie baking, that too adds on a few pounds, but so what.

  2. By the way I'm having my morning coffee in a Bunzlau mug. Did think I needed it till my sister in law gave it to me as a gift and I must say I just love it.