Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Check, Check and RECHECK!

I had a co-worker tell me that he doesn't use or have a need to use a personal genealogy program that is kept on his computer. Hmmm... well, I have to disagree.  Sorry, but I now totally understand why I feel this way.  So my latest project was to print out my pedigree charts from my Legacy Tree files.  Then I wanted to cross reference with what I had on Family Tree and see if I was missing anything.  Well, I have now been working on this for nearly a month and pretty steady at that.  It wasn't as simple as I expected.  People were mis-merged, when there was a person with a common name, someone connected with me making this family have kids all over different parts of Germany.  Obviously these were families with a great amount of "Wanderlust" not to mention, vacation time!

Lots of my families were disconnected, and duplicated several times over.  As I have been checking and correcting, I mark them off on my printed out pedigrees to know what to start the next time.  I haven't even made a dent.  But I am putting a "watch" on every record I go to.  So the next time someone touches it, I am on it!

But a good thing is, that I have found some new relatives and also some that have continued where I left off, finding and researching the lines further back.  That's exciting news, to say the least!  So there are the good, the bad, and some pretty ugly things found, as well!  None-the-less, it was a project that needed doing.  I'm just wishing it wouldn't take so long.  But sometime down the road, I will be done, until then, I persevere!

I do love how FamilySearch puts you in touch with relatives and helps to extend the cousin lines in different directions.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Western European Family History Conference

Western European Family History Conference

The Family History Library and the research specialists of the European Reference team invite you to a free week-long conference focused exclusively on Western European research. The conference, which will be held May 15-19, 2017, is perfect for beginning and intermediate genealogists interested in learning about records of Western European localities, and Family History Library collections.

Come and spend a week at the world renowned Family History Library learning from our expert staff of genealogists as well as experienced guest genealogists. Learn how to effectively use historical records and how to do research in several European countries. 

Explore such topics as census, church, immigration, and vital records. Learn more about German, French, Swiss, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium research. Discover new techniques, strategies, and methodology to apply to your genealogical research problems.

All classes will be held in the main floor classrooms. 
Seating is limited, so be sure to register early to secure a spot. All classes will also be offered via webinar.     

Please use the following registration links.
Registration begins March 1, 2017 for in person guests:  

             Registration begins March 1, 2017 for webinar guests:* 500 spots are available.
A syllabus will be provided that can be downloaded from the FamilySearch Wiki.  
Here is the Link:*

We hope this conference will not only be informative and instructive, but that it will also encourage and inspire you to continue your family history research. Perhaps this will be just what you need to break through that 20-year-old brick wall research problem. We look forward to seeing you!
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gralla Family in Belmont, Belarus Pt. 2

So yesterday, I posted about the birth record of Georg Gralla being found.  Here are the three pictures I received from the researcher and found them in the Minsk archives.  Translation is in the previous article.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gralla family in Belmont, Belarus

For many, many years now I have wanted to verify where Franz Gralla and Florentine Ochmann took their family after they were forced to leave due to my greatgrandfather's activities in Koschentin.  I have had the help of a Russian researcher in St. Petersburg, Russia to try to find the documents of the births of several of this couples' children said to have been in Belmont and in Schutschin.  This Schutschin is not the one in present-day Poland, but rather also in Belarus.  So a couple of days ago, I finally got a positive report after several negative ones.

Anastasia Dmitrienko is the researcher that I have been working with for a long time.  She recently located a local researcher and this person sent me the following report:

The report about Grallas’ research.
The aim:
Georg Gralla born 1 Aug 1902 Belmont
Oppolonia/Appolonia Gralla born 1904 and died 1905 in Schutschin or Belmont.
Alfred Gralla born 26 Nov 1906 in Schutschin, Belarus

There were researched the cases:
1) NIAB.F.1781.Op.57.C.35 Belmonty church, 1900-12, 1925-38, the births. Only George Gralla's birth record was found (Page 33 reverse).
2) NIAB.F.1781.Op.13.C.17 Braslav church 1900-12, 1914, the births. Nothing.
3) NIAB.F.1781.Op.13.C.31 Braslav church  1896, the deaths. Nothing.

George Gralla's birth record 
69. 1 (18) августа 1902 года В Бльмонтовском РКК ксендзом П. Водопалом окрещен младенец именем Георгий со всеми обрядами св. таинств австрийских подданных Франтишка и Флорентины из Охманов Гралев законных супругов родился сего года и месяца 1 дня имении Бельмонты здешняго прихода. Восприемниками были Адольф Богданович и Эмилия Карла Гезберга супруга.

The translation of George Gralla's birth record:
69. 1(18) August 1902 in Blmontovskiy church RKK by the priest P. Vodopal was baptized the child named Georgiy with all the rites of the Holy sacraments of the Austrian subjects Frantishka and Florentina from Okhman Gralev legal spouses was born this year and this month 1 day in the estate of Belmont parish. The godfathers was Adolf Bogdanovich and Emilia Karl Gutberg’ spouse.

So now I can assume the others were born in Schutschin and direct the remainder of the research to this area.  You can get in touch with Anastasia through LinkIn which is how we got in touch with one another.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pastor Family Bernhardi Report from Ronny Suske

Again a report on my family history researched by Ronny Suske.  Here it is:



Ronny Suske
Sachsenhöhe 30
D-04178 Leipzig
Tel.: +49-172-9684583


Dieser Bericht beinhaltet die Erforschung der Vorfahren aus der Familie Bernhardi.

Die Personen erhalten zur Verdeutlichung der familiären Zusammenhänge fiktive Kekulé-Ahnenziffern.

Über jeder Personeninformation sind folgende Quellangaben vermerkt:

Kekulé                 Name der
Ahnenziffer      Person

Max Mustermann

1853 Nr. 1, fol. 84

                                Gemeinde                                         Art der Quelle                           Quellangabe

Weitere Forschungsmöglichkeiten wurden rot markiert.

Die Forschung wurde durchgeführt in:

Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde Colditz - Lastau
An der Kirche 5
D-04680 Colditz

Gotthelf Christian Bernhardi

1723 Nr. 14, S. -
                               * 19.03.1723 Colditz
                               ~ 20.03.1723 Colditz

H M Gottlieb Bernhardi Pastoral-
Fr Anna Dorothea                     d. 20t.
Gotthelf Christian, geb. d 19t. get.
H Theodorus Pfaus […] Accis-
Fr Anna Juliana, M Clem. Thie=
mens Past u Sup. Ehel.
H Johann Andreas Schulzes Ammts-

Anna Dorothea Kannegießer


                               * ca. 1680 Kolkau

Noch nicht in den KB von Seelitz nachgesehen.

2 – 3
Gottlieb Bernhardi – Anna Dorothea Kannegießer

1715 Nr. 6, S. -
                               oo 1715 Kolkau

H M Gottlieb Bernhardi Pastor Substitutus
allhier weyl. Hn M Christian Bernhardi Archidiac.
in Mitweyda Ehel. Sohn mit
Jgfr Anna Dorothea weyl. Thoma Kannen Gießers
Adel. Bedientens zu Kolckau Ehel. ältisten Tochter
Dom Jubilate Cantate u. Rogate; Copul. z Kolckau

2 – 3
Gottlieb Bernhardi – Anna Dorothea Kannegießer


                               oo 1715 Kolkau

Kolkau gehört zur Pfarrei Seelitz. In Kolkau gibt es keine Kirche. Daher ist der Traueintrag in den KB von Seelitz zu finden. Möglicherweise fand aber die Trauung im Schloss oder in einer Schlosskapelle in Kolkau statt, wo der Schwiegervater vor seinem Tod arbeitete.
Noch nicht in den KB von Seelitz nachgesehen.

2 – 3

Johanna Dorothea Bernhardi

1717 Nr. 65, S. -
                               * 26.12.1717 Colditz
                               ~ 27.12.1717 Colditz

Herr M. Gottlieb Bernhardi Past. Substitutus
Fr. Anna Dorothea
Johanna Dorothea, gebohren den 26. Dec:
frühe halb 5. Uhr, getaufft den 27. dito.
Frau Johanna Henrietta von Ölßnitz uf Zschirla,
Herr Johann George Tischer, Amtmann,
Fräul. Augusta Christiana von Taubenheim
auf Kolickau, anstatt derer Jungfer
Christina Maria, Herr M. Clemens
Thiemens, Superintendentis alhier Ehel.
Jungfer Tochter.

Johann Gottlieb Bernhardi

1720 Nr. 20, S. -
                               * 30.04.1720 Colditz
                               ~ 01.05.1720 Colditz

H M Gottlieb Bernhardi, Pastoral=
Substitut allhier
Anna Dorothea
Johann Gottlieb, geb. d. 30 April. get 1 May.
H Johann Christoph von Taubenheim,
hochfürstl. Gothaischer Ammts=Haupt-
Mann z. Roda,
Fr Salome Hn M. Ehrenfried
Lechla Past z Groß=Petzschkau Ehel.
H Johann Carrl Schneider Cantor

Gotthelf Christian Bernhardi à siehe # 1

Thomas Kannegießer


                               + vor 1715 Kolkau

Noch nicht in den KB von Seelitz nachgesehen.

Er war von Beruf „Adel. Bedienter“ (siehe 2-3 – Trauung). Daher war er Angestellter der adligen Familie von Taubenheim, die in Schloss in Kolkau lebte.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: Irish Civil Records FREE online!

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog: Irish Civil Records FREE online!: Irish Civil Records are now searchable online at Irish Genealogy. And they're free! The site explains that The Civil Records of Birt...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Smith Family Conch Shell Search (Shared by Nathan Smith)

So through a contact made through an interesting story has come to light.  I have my tree posted which also shows my grandchildren's tree from which they descend as cousins to the LDS Prophet Joseph Smith through their paternal family lines, not mine. I received a message from Nathan Smith regarding a conch shell which he explains below and was passed down through the years:

The story goes that originally there were two shells that were connected together. Two brothers found the shells and sawed it in half, each brother taking one shell and passing it down through the generations. I descend from the family that has one shell, and John Lyman Smith's line had the other shell. I am looking for that shell to maybe get them both together again and take pictures. The last time the two shells were together was in the 1980's. 

If you would be able to ask around a bit through your family, I would be most grateful. It could be a pretty fun thing if we could track it down. Last note I have is that it was held in Oakley Idaho at the John Lyman Smith home. I believe this was back in the 1970's.

So then I am posting it to see if we can possibly locate this second shell.  It's a nice story and I hope someone reading this will have heard about it at some time or has some info on it's whereabouts.  If so, leave a comment and I will get you in touch with him.

Photo courtesy of