Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, May 11, 2015

Polish Online Records Webinar/Class Tuesday May 12, 7:00 pm MDT

Here is the Link that will give you the information regarding my class tomorrow.

Here is the link that you should go to for the direct link to the class and to download the four class handouts.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Books from My Silesian Homeland

My 5th cousin, Jan Ulfik who still lives in my ancestral village of Koszecin/Koschentin, has again sent some books, which I would like to inform you about.

I have the book Przewodnik Po Zabytkach Gminy Tworog.  This booklet was published in 2014 and has very nice photos and Polish explanations of the town of Tworog, which is very close to Toszek and Koszecin.

The ISBN number for this booklet is 978-83-64531-94-1.

He also sent a map which is for the community of Tworog.  He happened to mark on the mark the 1939 border of Germany and Poland, which was just east of Tworog.  Koszecin, then was considered Poland in 1939.  The ISBN number is 978-83-63446-06-2

The brown book on the left is another book about Tworog.  It is entitled Gminy Tworog.  The author is probably the community itself, gathering material from many members of the community.  This book is subtitled Daqniej/Frueher/In the Past.  The book is in three languages, so that I can also read this one.  It contains mainly pictures of the community in past and gives a great perspective about life in the early years.  It was very well done.  I suspect there might still be some for purchase if this village is one of your ancestor's home places.I have an email address if this is of interest to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
The green book is another book written about Tworog,
The author of this book is Fryderyk Zgodzaj.  This book was published in the year 2013.  The ISBN number of this book is 978-83-60071-62-5.  There are also older pictures of Tworog in this book, however, it is written only in Polish.

And the last book is entitled Epizody toszeckie.  The author is Jan F. Lewandowski and it was published in 2013.  The ISBN number is 978-83-937265-0-9.  On the cover, you can see the medieval pencil style drawing of Toszek.  This picture was sent to me from my aunt many years ago when I first started doing research.  I guess sometime in the 1970's.  She had found a book somewhere about the history of Toszek.  I so wish this one was in English as was the one Tworog book, but I am happy to add it to my collection of historical books of my ancestral villages.  Thanks cousin Jan!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Breslau with Egon Hoecker

If you want to know more about Breslau=Wroclaw, you have to sign up for the email newsletters of Egon Hocker.  Here is his website: .  Here is wonderful Breslau research information and photos, etc.  I love it.  But even nicer is that he sends periodic emails which have great photos and other information that those seeking to find information on Breslau will really enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Book Review on Adam Czmuchowski's book

Adam has sent the following review of his book, which I am sharing with you.  Wish it were in English, as well, but perhaps you can do a little Google translate and figure things out.

Thanks Adam for this review!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Beginning Swiss Research Class and Webinar March 24th

Don’t know how to begin your Swiss research?  There are lots of tips being presented at the Family History Library on 24 Mar. at 7:00 pm. (Mountain time)  This class will be held in the B1 floor classroom but If you aren’t able to come to the Library and attend, you can view this class via webinar on your home computer. 

Learn all you need to know to get started and find records on film or online that can help you find those ancestors.  This class will help you to understand how Swiss church records are arranged and how to use them, and what languages those records might appear in. 

You will be shown helpful websites to find online images as well as research help.  

I will be teaching this class and hope to see you there!

Come fill our empty chairs or attend via webinar from the following link: Swiss Beginning Research Class and Webinar Mar. 24th. .  This class probably will not be posted in the webinar link just yet, but you can also see others that will be presented from the FHL in the coming weeks.

German Webinar March 28th.

Be the first of your German friends to find out all about the German website also known as  This useful website will be explained on Saturday Mar. 28 in a webinar presented from 9:15 am through 12:15.  The following hands-on classes will be taught both in the Family History Library Main floor lab and also broadcast as a webinar:

9:15 Finding and Using German Address Books on  This class will teach you how to locate these address books and find names and locations of your ancestors.

10:15 Finding and Using German Lineage books (OSB) on  The Family History Library has many village lineage books in house, but this site has many that are online and can be searches right at home. 
What is a village lineage book?  It contains the families or individuals from a specific town in Germany and has been organized into families!  Find birth, marriage and death dates for ancestors.  Village Lineage books are not available for all towns in Germany.

11:15 Using Metasearch on This class will discuss how to search all the databases available on simultaneously and tell you what they are about.  Some of the databases on this site include the Schleswig-Holstein census, WWI casualty lists, member submitted trees and tombstones.
See if some of your German ancestors can be found on this site to help you grow your family tree!

I will be presenting this 3 part webinar on Mar. 28 Mountain time 9:15-12:15.  Here is the link to attend online.  I will be posting this again closer to the time.  German Webinar.  It will probably not be posted yet.  So check a little later.

So come fill our empty chairs on March 28th and get hands-on assistance or watch from home.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Postcards from Adam Czmuchowski

As I mentioned in my last post, Adam Czmuchowski sent me a lovely book and numerous postcards of the local area where he works as a historian.  It is a beautiful collection of photos he has taken and although I won't post everyone of them, here are quite a few.  I wish I could translate the Polish descriptions on the backs of each, however, my Polish  translation would be a product of Google translate,  which can be incorrect...

So here are some wonderful views of the little villages just outside of Breslau, known in German as Treschin or Polish Trestno and Klein Tschansch or the Polish name of Ksieze Male.

In the latter, was where my mother and her sister spent much time being as their single mother worked and they would reside at the orphanage in the Catholic complex in Klein Tschansch during the weekdays.  As my mom somewhat recalled they came home weekends.  

This is the church which celebrated 850 years from 1149-1999.  
Below is a view of the same church from a different side.

A beautiful area view.

Reconstruction in 2010.

Ksieze Male, Klein Tschansch, also known as Klein Ohlewiesen which was an alternate name.
The entryway to the church.

The above three photos are of the inside of the parish church.

Mokry Dwor which in German times was Alt Hofnass
Trestno, formerly Treschin by Breslau/Wroclaw

The above three photos are all of Trestno/Treschin.
The Catholic church.
Grave marker for Willy Zacher, teacher of Treschin. Lt.. and regiment commander.