Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Religious Services

My mom grew up as a Catholic in Breslau.  She has always told me that as a young girl she recalls walking to midnite Mass at the Mathias and Vincenz parishes.  She remembers the cold and the crunchy snow as they went to their services.  It was a special memory. 
Here is a picture of the Matthias Kirche where my mom would have gone to her midnite mass.

My grandmother would have worshipped here as a girl.  She was also baptized here.  This is the old wooden church in Koschentin/Koszecin.

As for our Memory of religious services, we usually have a Christmas service on the Sunday prior to Christmas.  Unless Christmas falls on Sunday, we don't have a service on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  The services usually consist of speakers on a spiritual Christmas topic and the church choir and the children singing as well.  My favorite part would be the children singing as the grandkids would all (but the littlest) be in the front and singing.  I always strain my neck to see all 3 of them and I can just feel myself beaming as I watch thinking, "Those are my grandkids!"  And, yes, I am as proud as I can be. 
When I grew up as a girl we went to church here.  This was a rented builing that our church used for many years.  It was the Knights of Pythias building in Fairmont, Minnesota.  Later the church bought a house in which they met for quite a while.

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