Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, October 7, 2012

On This Day I Walked Where Mama Walked, Breslau

Each time as I have driven "Richtung Breslau" I get like goose pimples just knowing that this was my mom's birthplace and that walkways and streets that I am about to walk on were those she must have walked, run, skipped on years and years ago before World War II altered the paths of her life.  I suspect had that not happened she might still be there.  Who this would have changed things and how everything turned out in life. But as it is, I appreciate the fact that she was able to take from those hard challenges and become the person she became.  So mom (and Tante Ruth, too) this is a picture walk through Breslau.  I know that I have already posted on Breslau, but this is a bit more for you to see.

Did you know that Breslau has had streetcars for 135 years?

Brightly colored buildings.

Beautiful fountains, again, that dance.


This man was carving and selling his wares.  But they were a bit pricey, although very well done.

In the Rathaus.

Here's the menu, if you can read it sideways!

Nummy! Roladen, Kloese, Red Cabbage. 

Here is another "silver lady".  They hold absolutely still till you give money.

These 2 building have a story behind them and one on the left is a shop with many Breslau dwarf figurines.  I will have to have Sylwia tell me the story again, because my memory fails me.  Too much to soak in.

If you did bad things in Breslau, you would have gone to this establishment.  Below another picture of it.

Again, the Matthias Kirche.

The palace and it's gardens.

Ursulinen Kloster.
Vinzenz Kirche

An old shopping place. 

The Dom Insel.

The Oder by the Tumski bridge.

Boat ride on the Odra/Oder.
Enjoying the scenery.

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