Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, October 7, 2012

On This Day I Walked Where Mama Walked, Breslau Pt.2

I had wanted to do this in one article, but I was afraid something might happen because it was getting kind of large.  I didn't want to start all over.  So here is part 2!

Here is a little girl anxiously awaiting her cotton candy.  Kids are the same ANYWHERE!
A day in the city without a wedding would be a disappointment.

Reconstructing a church.  I am not sure which church this is.

The gate by the Oder.

They don't build stuff like this anymore...

The Dom, close up.

The Uni. Or at least a little part of it.

Sunset on the Odra.

A shortcut through the park.

Busy Breslau streets.

A modern shopping mall.
A little splash pad.

Sylwia runs into old friend, some from Oregon in the middle of town.  What an unexpected surprise.

The front of an old castle or palace.

There was a Jahrmarkt on the day we were there.  This booth was selling garlic and linseeds.
Sylwia bought some apples.

Another fountain, with soccer balls for the Hofheins family.

Me, buying a honey stirring thing.  It was kind of cute.
Jahrhundert Halle after renovations.

Here is where they make lots of films at the Jahrhundert Halle area.

Here without the Russian statue in front of it.

The arbor.

These are the speakers for the fountains that dance to the music.  There are several speakers.  I took a shot of this because if you look inside there is a wire and on that wire is a plant growing up and up!

Dancing fountains with music and lights.

Sylwia and I explored this old, old place.

Yucky basement!

Old floor patterns still exist.

A little wooden church.

Well, this is about the end.  I finished my trip blog.  Yeah! Now on to other things.

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