Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, October 1, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Yesterday I flew back to Utah.  I had the same flights and airports as going to Poland.  But coming home was much, much worse than getting there.  The connection was awful.  The airport signage didn't help to figure out where to go.  The line for passports was long, long, long and people were disorganized, pushing, shoving, and cutting in line.  On man shoved his carry-on bag in front of me as I turned the corner and he started moving and trying to cut in front of me, and by this time, I had had enough of that business and I firmly said "No! Stay there!"  I pushed his carry-on away and gave him a glare.  He didn't mess with me after that!  I have never seen so a mass of people jamming in to get to the gates.  It was awful.  Everyone was late for flights and it was so stressful.  After nearly an hour and a half I got to my departure gate, which had another long line.  No sooner had I gotten there, than the sign said "Gate Closed".  Well, I stayed in line and got on.  But not without a lot of stress and anxiety.  So, I was happy to be in Utah and go through security and customs there, as it was organized, calm and stressfree.

On the flight I found myself sitting next to a couple from Highland of all things.  We talked about Highland, schools, church, etc.  Also on my flight was a sister missionary from my floor on the Library.  It was nice to see her on the flight, as well.  The flight was smooth and with little to no turbulance.  So my next postings will start on my pictures of Poland!  Coming soon!

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