Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, October 1, 2012

Beautiful Breslau

I will not be inserting my pictures into my previous posts, but will start with Breslau.  These are also not going to be in chronological order.  So keep watching as I continue to post pictures.

Kids are entertained by making giant soap bubbles.  Can you see it? Look carefully!
They were having so much fun, it made me miss my grand kids and wished they, too, could make giant bubbles!

Open-air eating establishments are all over. 
Entertainment country style!
Some German culture...

The local pigeons looking for handouts!

Remember I told you earlier in a Poland Pilgrimage post about the "silver people"?  They are here spray-painting themselves, and then they hold perfectly still until you throw money in their hat and then they give you a piece of candy.
The Market square is bustling with people at all hours of the day.
I love the old buildings and their building etchings and architecture.  Just priceless!
Let's see someone make a building like this now-a-days!

Crowds of tourists from Russia and Germany on our day in the city.  They were usually with a tour guide who would explain things to them. 

A ride through the square...

Having lunch of Roladen, Kloese and red cabbage at the Rathaus.  Look at the tall, white, fancy napkin!
Colorful to look at...
The Dom, now fixed as it was before the War.

At the park which Sylwia says usually is closed.  Next to it, is where the Catholic Bishop sits in his garden.  We peeked through the fence.  It was very relaxing and beautiful.
I am not sure what building this was, but it was nice.

We went to the top of a parking lot on the 4th floor, from which we could see down all around the city, panorama style!

More panorama...

Churches are everywhere in Breslau.
The panorama parking lot was on the 4th floor of a large shopping mall. 

And here I am inside the shopping center.  I am pointing to where I am from.

And now where I am at this time, no not in the water, in Poland.  My arm is just too short!

Hey, look! A souvenir shop!  Do they take Visa??  They do!

Checking out the Rathaus.  Shall we go for a ride?

This is my little Breslau residence for 3 days.  There are 3 single beds in this room, 2 chairs, 2 tables, a bath.  It is safe and secure and is run by the Augsburg Church in Breslau.  We are on the 4th floor.  No elevators mind you!  Now, if you need to get in shape this is the place for you.  However, I wasn't here long enough to have any great results.  But hey! I tried!

Another view of the room.

The bathroom area. 

A view from outside the Augsburg Church lodging.  Notice the streetcar?  My mom, as a young girl, used to jump on and off of them to avoid having to pay for a ride.  Boy, she was naughty!
More from the lodging place.

Looking across the street.

And the remainder of that same street...

Fountains in Breslau Ring area.  Really beautiful!

Busy sidewalks.  Cars are no longer allowed here.

Gypsy band in the town square.
The heart of Breslau.

Beautiful church windows.

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