Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stairs, Stairs...More Stairs! Poland PIlgrimage V. 2 Pt. 9

Hello again, from Jemielnica,
This morning before we headed out, we stopped at a little shop in town and picked up several copies of the local county newspaper.  An article about my work and how I found the family of Dominica in Nogowczyce is on the second page.  As soon as we entered the store a customer said to us "I just saw your picture in the paper!"  It was funny, because later in the day we went quite a ways away and stopped at a shop to get an ice cream and the lady working there was starting to look at the same paper.  I wonder if after she helped us she may have turned to that page.  It was kind of funny!

After we picked up our papers, we went to the Archives in Opole again and stayed till about 1:30.  We got quite a bit done, and then we headed to Gory Sw. Anna which is a mountain with a monastery on the top of it.  You can see it quite a ways away and also as we got to the very cute town there, we saw lots of fences with corn, corn husks, and vegies and decorations to celebrate the coming in for the harvest.  Sylwia says that the decorations stay up about a week.  I got a picture of some, but not all that I wanted because my batteries went dead.  We took a little tour with a group led by a Polish Monk.  The church was really pretty and the weather was exceptionally warm today.  Almost to the point of being hot.  We had a nice walk through the area there and enjoyed the warm beautiful day, as well.

The way up to the monastery was preceeded by numerour stairs, again.  I am either going to be dead when I get back home or be able to climb a million stairs,  (I pretty much doubt the last option!)
 Now we are back to our place and it is probably a little earlier than usual, but that's OK.  Tomorrow is the last day at the archive and then probably tomorrow it will be time to clean up a bit and pack to go back to Warsaw.  It was a really quick trip and was fun and productive.  I am about done for today.  I also just today got the link to post pictures again, but I have so many on my cards and this computer is so slow to upload that I think I will now just wait till I get home and take care of it all.  So till tomorrow!

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  1. Wishing you a safe trip back to Warszawa Sonja, its fun to visit the home land even though it's only vicariously. Thanks for sharing.