Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodbye Breslau, Hello Jemielnica! Poland Pilgrimage V. 2 pt. 8

Well, we are back in Jemielnice, known as Himmelwitz from the pre-WWII days.  This morning I had breakfast at the hotel next door which serves a breakfast buffet with lots of good things to eat.  After this, Sylwia and I drove to the Archives on Pomorska street to do a favor for a friend of mine as well as look into some kataster records.  The hardest part of this adventure was the parking, I think.  Since we had walked so far and long yesterday, we decided to drive there. 

We found out that most of the pre-WWII German Standesamt records have been digitized.  They are not available online, only in-house, at least at this time.  But it was nice how quickly it was to find a record and then we were able to photograph what was needed.  Things are really improving in the ways the Polish archives are doing things even in contrast to merely 2 years ago.  At that time, I had to request the pages and they were put on CD for me and I had to pay quite a bit for that service.  So it's nice now, not to have to pay for anything.  There were also no archive fees or anything.  It was really nice.

After finding the document, I asked about the Kataster Karolinski which the lady helped us to find.  I got the signature for Nogowczyce and Sierionowitz.  But we were not able to view them till about 12:30.  So we decided to run some errands and come back later. 

First we went to pay for our rooms for the past 2 nights at the Lutheran Church rooms.  For those who might be interested someday to stay there, I will let you know what it was.  These are living quarters directly behind the very beautiful gold and white Lutheran church on ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 29.  The telephone number was 34-34-730.  They have maybe 10 rooms, I believe, on the 4th floor.  If you aren't into stairs, then this is not the place for you.  It is a good climb.  Each room has different amounts of single beds in it with a bath with shower.  At one end of the hall is a commons area, with a TV, fridge, table/chairs and on the other end of the hall, an area with sink and coffee maker type of things.\  Sylwia said that there were cups and plates there.  I didn't look, but she was probably right.  So then in each room, there is a couple of tables to work on and night stands and a wardrobe.  There is also wifi.  So there you have it. It was really nice and Sylwia plans on staying there when she is in Breslau again.

So, back to my story, we went back to the Lutheran Church lodging and I paid the money for the 2 nights and then we went to Breslau Cepelia. Cepelia is a tourist store that often is found in many larger cities which have many tourists. We found a few things there.  But I was not able to find the one thing, my mom requested of me.  Back when we were in Breslau earlier, they always had little stands where people sold their wares.  This is no longer allowed by the city.  I am not sure why, but truly there were none to be found of this sort of little open air stands.  I was disappointed because you could always find cool stuff to buy.

Then there was a "Jahrmarkt" in the city center today and people were there from the entire eastern countries selling.  These occur once a year and there are different types of Jahrmarkts. I bought a few nice things. Some gypsy people were running around in there. They had some really interesting stuff.  I took some pictures also. 

We still had some time to spare, so we went to the Jahrhundert Halle.  It was really made to look very nice again and was yellowish rather than the dark greys of previous visits.  We went through the arbors and then around to the back where they had a large pond area with wonderful fountains and speakers on both sides which played classical music and the fountains seemed to be choreographed to fit the music being played. Wouldn't my dad have enjoyed this! 

There were places to picnic, relax, walk and just enjoy it.  And again it was a beautiful day in Breslau.  The sun was shining and it was warm.  Kids were playing in the area and dogs were being walked.  Pigeons basked in the sand and sun.  There was a little splash pad and it was just nice to be there.

Then we drove back to the archives because it was about time for our films to be delivered.  The microfilm readers were not the newest and were a bit hard to use.  So we did the best that we could.  The helpers here in Breslau were really nice and again we were able to photograph what we needed.  This really helps the work go much faster and then I also don't have too much carpal tunnel problems.  I can do the rest when I get home and have more time.  We finished fairly quickly and aside from the 2 places that I expected to see on the films there was also Wischnitz, Tost, Klein and Gross Pluschnitz, Schieroth and several other places.  It was great.  Then we headed quickly over to the Archdiocese Archives in Breslau.  Piotr Symchak had told us that there was a possibility that duplicate church records might have sent to there before the war.  If so, they had no record of them there.  The nun and priest that helped us were both so very helpful and nice.  We also went to where the priestly robes and table cloths are sold which is next door to the archive.  Sylwia thought that possibly we might find a nice tablecloth there for my mom.  They had some, but mostly white in color and I don't think that was what my mom had hoped for.

Then back to Jemielnica and a quick stop at the Lidl grocery store in Strzelce Opolskie.  It is a German market and quite nice with all the stuff that we want or need.  We had another ice cream there.  Not as good as the one in Breslau, but...hey, ice cream is ice cream!  We got back, and brought things up to our place and had a light dinner.  Sylwia must be really tired as she is sleeping instead of working on her computer as she likes to do in the evening.  Poor girl, I must be overworking her.  It is now 8:00 pm and I too, am getting tired as well!  So that's is all for today.  Oh, how I wish I could share some pictures with you! 

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