Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beautiful Breslau! Poland Pilgrimage V. 2 Pt. 7

Today was a beautiful Sunday in the most beautiful Breslau.  I have been to Breslau 3 times and each time is more wonderful than the previous.  The post-war buildings are being restored and made absolutely wonderful and people flock from all over to see this amazing place.  And why is this place special to me?  It is because my mother was born here and lived here till they were forced to flee the Russians in January 1945.  It was a horrible time in her life, but the years prior to that were spent in this beautiful place before bombing raids took away nearly all the beauty that existed there.

So I first visited Breslau in 1992, 20 years ago, with my mom and daughter.  We had a wonderful time, revisiting child-hood places.  And although her homes had been replaced by new, but not beautiful places, it was good to walk those streets again, to see the street cars she often told me about jumping on and off of them in order to avoid having to pay for them.  To travel back in time and's wonderful.

So this morning I woke up for the first time having slept through the entire night since getting to Poland a week ago.  I needed it and was really tired of not sleeping.  The place we are staying is on the 4th floor of the Lutheran Augsburg church and there about 60 or more steps to climb before we get to where we are going.  It is a big climb and I am usually out of breath and wobbly kneed  by the time I arrive at my destination.  So I hope that I don't forget something out in the car!  I don't want to go back down and up too often!  I did this morning, however, because first I ran down to the restaurant next door for breakfast.  Sylwia decided to stay in and rest.  So I went out and to the restaurant where they had a nice breakfast buffet.  They had wieners, kielbasa with onions and scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, juices, fruits, ham, cheese, bacon, breads, rolls and other things.  Anyway, I didn't go away hungry,  breakfast buffets were 35 zloty per person.  But it was good, so I ate and was full. 

After this, I was planning on going to church which was within walking distance from our Lutheran lodgings.  Radek, my friend, had told me it was just between the Lutheran church and the museum, both of which I found, but between them was a gated area which appeared to be locked and inside were many shops.  I tried the gate and it was locked.  So I headed around the block on either side, but couldn't find out where to go and how to get there.  So I went back to our place and a lady was there and said that it didn't open till 10:00 there.  So I waited till 10:00 and a man came and he let me in.  I looked all around and the doors were locked, the buildings didn't look like anyone was there and there were no signs showing an LDS church was anywhere in the vicinity.

So I went out and up the 60+ stairs again and told Sylwia what had happened.  She went down with me and spoke to the man in Polish this time and then he knew what was wanted and led me to the right door and into the building and I went up the elevator and found it.  I then arrived at church "Jamie Style" late... and it was about 20 minutes after it had begun.  Then an area seventy spoke.  He lives in Germany but spoke in English and everything was translated.  Then I went to the other meetings.  It was really nice seeing Radislaw and his wife again.  They are really nice people.  In fact everyone was so nice and so many spoke English or German.  So it wasn't too hard to communicate with people.  After church I went to get Sylwia and we had lunch at the Rathaus where we had eaten together in 2005, along with Danuta.  We both had Roladen, red cabbage and Kloese.  It was really good.  Pricey, but it was Sunday after all. This was our Sunday dinner. So then we walked through the entire city.  We had such a good time.  We went to the market place and we saw a "silver" lady and a "silver" man.  They hold really still and of course want some money. They spray themselves with silver paint.  I don't think I would want to do that, especially.

There are street musicians, including a bag pipe player and a gypsy band.  Tourists everywhere and activities for kids like making giant bubbles and playing in a splash pad or fountain and just having a wonderful time.  We went to the Odra/Oder River and there were boats giving rides to people, and the place was wonderful. 

We stopped for Lody, Polish ice cream.  I had to have that.  First it's delicious and secondly, a tradition and I am not one to break a tradition.  After seeing everything and walking absolutely everywhere, we really both were slowly getting tired and I had sore knees from the walking.  Sylwia said we had walked about 8 km.  maybe even more.  As we returned back she ran into old friends, some who even now live in Portland, Oregon, and others in Kattowice.  So it was a nice surprise for her.  I think we both had a really great day.  And tomorrow is our last day here.  While walking we saw the Cepelia store which is across the street from the Ursulinen Kloister and I could see goodies to buy.  Great stuff as I was getting desperate as such things are not available in the smaller villages.  So, tomorrow a short trip to the archive and then to Cepelia and we will see how the rest of the day goes for us. 

I called my mom and Spence and now it's about 8:00 and I guess I will try to get some sleep.  Hopefully, I won't be mosquite bait again, like last night... The window is staying shut, that is all there is to it.  Anyway, I should have brought my book, but left it in Jemielnica.  I just wasn't thinking.  I forgot.  So still can't load pics, but maybe when I get home, I will try to complete my blog entries.  I don't like only text.  It just isn't me.  So, signing off for today!

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