Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chasing Castles and Misc. Stuff! Poland Pilgrimage V. 2 pt. 10

Well, this morning we drove one last time to the Opole archives.  We finished in record time and they took a quick drive to Groszowice to the branch archive there.  We were checking for one record, but it proved not to be to helpful, although we took a couple of pictures of it.  Then wse made a quick stop at the bakery that Danuta and I had also gone to some years ago.  It was still a good bakery and I got my favorite, poppy seed cake.  And I loved it, as usual.  Then we decided to drive around and check out some castles.  The first one we went to was in Kamien Slask which used to be called Gross Stein in German times.  This was actually a very nice place.  We saw a photograph of the castle before it was restored.  Pretty sad.  But now it was beautiful.  I will be sharing pics next week when I return home.  There was a huge bell tower with maybe 9 different sized bells hanging from it.  It was playing music as we got there.  We went inside the church there and it was very beautiful as are most of the Catholic churches in Poland.  We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.  Then we looked at a map at this place, which was called the sanctuary of St. Jacka/Jacob.  There was another interesting thing  called Wapienniki and we weren't sure what it was, but the picture looked like and old castle remnant.  Sylwia is looking it up as I write.  We still aren't sure what they are.  They are large and cone shaped and they were in a town called Gogolin.  They are on the internet, but we still don't know what they are.  Part of old mining system, or a storage unit for something.???  We don't know.  Anyway, we took pictures of them.  I was surprised Gogolin was as large of a village as it was.  We actually found some table cloths there.  Oh, the Wapienniki was built by Jews in Gogolin and their source of income according to Sylwia, who is researching it. 

After that we went to see Sierionowitz, and took pictures.  It was very windy there.  Then we drove to Grzebowice and I think we were the only car in town.,  An older man on a bike saw us and indicated we should stop.  He asked if we were lost.  We weren't, we were just going through the old ancestral villages of the former Jaryszow parish.  He said he was born here in 1939 and his wife in the house right by where we were in the year 1942.  He told us many of the family names there and  about some history.  Funny how stuff like this occurs in very small villages when you go there.  Anyways, it was interesting and I taped the conversation and took a picture of him, as well.  Then we drove to Koszecin. 

Koszecin is the birthplace of my grandmother and home of many of my ancestors.  It was fun to see and the old wooden church was in the process of getting a new tan colored wooden roof.  They were still working on it while we were inside of it and we could here the pounding of hammers.  The church was still as pretty inside as I remembered. it.  Then we drove around a little bit and popped in to say hello to the Ulfiks.  We did and they were nice.  We didn't want to stay, just to say hello and visit for a couple of minutes.  Apparently their daughter had moved in with her husband and their 4 month old baby.  We then drove to the palace, but because of reconstruction we couldn't visit it like I had hoped.  So that was our day and we are tired.  We ate some food and now are on our computers and trying to get ready to leave tomorrow at 8-9 o'clock or so.  It is starting to get dark, I am tired. 

This morning I saw my first drunken person since getting here.  He was walking so funny.  I am surprised he didn't tip over!  So, our trip is coming to a close, but I will still be in Poland till Sunday.  And after I get home I will start uploading pictures.  Till later!'

PS, Forgot to mention, as we were about 10 minutes away from Koschentin we saw 2 walking Mormon missionaries, who stuck out like sore thumbs, with suits, white shirts, shoulder bags and badges.  I was surprised to see them there!

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