Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ist Night Polish Pigrimage V.2 Pt 1.

OK, so I have to give this an official title!  This is my second Polish trip that I am blogging about.  And as such, have to give it a slightly different name than Polish Pilgrimage, which I called the one from year 2010.  I arrived yesterday to Poland at 2:55 PM.  I connected through the airport in Paris, which is large, by the way, and wasn't as well marked or perhaps I should say, as clearly marked as some other airports that I have been to.  But I got to my gate in plenty of time and shortly thereafter people started lining up.  I got in line, too, and remembered that in Europe they don't seem to call people's seating zones as they do in the US.  I remember last time, it was pushing and shoving.  This time, it wasn't.  Interestingly enough, it was REALLY hot in the airport in Paris.  There didn't seem to be any air conditioning in it.  I was roasting because I had my jacket on because it had been quite cold on the plane.  So that jacket got quickly stuffed into my bag.  The plane to Warsaw was much, much smaller and totally full.  I had been lucky to get a seat on the way to Paris with no one next to me.  So I could "S P R E A D" out a bit.  I really enjoyed that.  They fed us a lot on that flight, dinner, sandwiches and cookies, after the dinner, and then the sandwiches were offered again in the back if you wanted one.  Then there was the peanut and pretzel snack and then later breakfast.  It was pretty good.  On the Paris to Warsaw flight, which was Air France and a 2 hour flight, we had lunch.  So I didn't starve, by any means.  A nice young French man helped me with my luggage.  I didn't even ask, but he did!  So all that went well.  In Warsaw, I didn't even need to go through any controls only went straight through the "nothing to declare" door and no one stopped me to do anything.  Even Danuta was surprised about that.

Danuta and I went to the shop to get my internet set up so that I wouldn't have to worry about connecting with anyone.  We got some very nice bread.  In the store it was a huge bread and they cut off a chunk of it to have as much as you want to buy.  Now where will you find that in the US???

I just made an unfortunate discovery.  For some reason, I am not given the option to upload any pictures.  I don't know what it causing this, because last trip I used the same internet, same computer and same blog.  So if it is a blogger problem, I hope it goes away really soon, otherwise you will be only reading long boring text entries until I am home.  I hope it is a blogger problem and it will be fixed tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me!

I went to church in the Wolska church.  There are 2 LDS branches in Warsaw.  This one is much closer to Danuta's home.  It was nice and I stayed for the whole meeting.  Sylwia stayed with me.  We later went to pick-up my rental car.  It is an Audi 4.  We had a little trouble at first because it is very different than any car either of us had ever driven.,  You stick the key in and turn it off with a button.  One of us had pressed the button when we got in the car and checked it over.  We didn't know it would automatically turn off the car when the brake was applied, so the car stalled at every light and turned off.  After starting and "stopping" countless times we finally figured it out when we got to Danuta's parking lot.  Boy, was that ever interesting.  Who would have thought! But now, all is well!

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