Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Friday, September 21, 2012

Adverntures in Poland! Poland Pilgrimage V. 2 pt.4

My Polish adventure for the day... While in Opole at the archives I needed to take a break and walk off a pain in the back I have now had twice. Saw a sign indicating a restroom was in the vicinity and "stopped by". Well, I missed an important notice, looked in the wrong direction, I suppose. To use the potty, was 2 Zlots and my wallet was in my locker at the archive up the street and around the corner.

So I finish and get ready to leave the premises and a Polish lady, apparently the attendant there, holds out her hand and points to a sign, 2 zlots. OK, I ask if she speaks German or English, the answer, no... So I tried to use my own sign language, indicating I need to get my purse. She stands in front of the door. I think she is getting madder by the minute. Finally, somehow I convince her to let me go to get money. As I get back, she is standing, hands on hips, waiting for 2 Zlots. I give her 10.  A very expensive trip to the lou.



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