Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adventures at Archives Polish Pilgrimage V. 2 Pt. 3

So today was another good day.  We left about 7:00 to get to Opole Archives by 8:00.  Our timing was good as we were able to find good parking right beside the archive.  Today it rained in the first part of the day making things colder of course.  We got in the archives and filled out the necessary and customary paperwork.  This always takes a bit of time, but of course, the rest of the stay we can pass that by.  We only need to do it the first day.  Then we got the books for one of the civil registration offices for 2 of the villages which belonged to the Jaryszow parish.  This time we were allowed to take photos of the documents.  A very successful day one that started out somewhat on a bad foot for me.  When I got to the archive I felt fine, but after about an hour or so I got a BAD pain in my lower back hip area that got to the point of is this a kidney stone or what.  The pain was almost to that point and I know that pain, believe me, been there, done that.  However, it was a little lower than a kidney stone, so I didn't think it was that.  I kept leaving the reading room trying to walk it off, went up and done the street by the archive, went to the car, and did all I could, but it kept getting worse.  I finally decided to tell Sylwia that we had better go.  She said I looked really white in my face like a ghost.  So we packed up and went to the German-speaking lady in the reception area and asked if we needed a doctor, where to go.  Just before that, I kept praying for the Lord to get me through this one and help me, because I totally didn't know what to do or where to go.  As we were talking at the end to the lady at the reception desk the pain stopped as suddenly as it had started.  I told Sylwia and we went and sat in the car for a short time.  Then I said, I'm fine, let's go back.  We did and I felt fine the rest of the day even till now as I write this.  And so we continued and tomorrow we will return, hopefully not to repeat today's adventure or I will be famous there as that American lady who got sick at the archives...

Anyway, we finished, did a little shopping at the German market and bought, yes, a little chocolate.  And then we went back to our place in Jemielnice where Sylwia made delicious Polish pancakes and we ate them and they were like large crepes.  We made our calls and then I took a walk outside to the two Himmelwitz churches.  We are right in the middle of them.  One is really old, the other not so old.  I took photos of the inside of the not-so-old one and then walked towards the old one.  On the way I took photos of the WW monument of people of Himmelwitz that were lost in the war and then I went and took pictures of the older church all around it.   Then the funny thing I wanted to write about.  Each nite when we had the windows open at our place, the smell of the "Land" would come in.  Another words, not a wonderful smell.  So we would have to close all the windows for a while till the wind shifted.  I kept wondering where it came from.  As I was at the old church grounds I heard terrible noises from the building next to the church.  It sounded like a herd of elephants, so loud!  The building next to the church was a modern barn of cinder blocks with 2 stories, didn't really look like any barns I have seen, more like a large house with glass windows, most of which were open.  The elephant noises came through these open windows and though it sounded like loud elephants, it was really a herd of pigs, many pigs.  I had no idea pigs could make such a racket!  And the smell, whew!  That is where our nightly air was coming from, no doubt about it.  But that is what is the fun of living on the land! And I am really enjoying my total immersion into Polish life in Silesia.  I love it.  It is so real life to me.  I am having a great time. 

Tonight I skyped with my co-worker, Baerbel, who is on vacation in Germany.  And my mom and so, now I will wait to catch Spencer and then I will go to bed.  Tomorrow night we have an appointment with the historian for this region who will come by after we return from Opole.  Never a dull moment.  Again pics later.  What a disappointment and yes, I have lots of pictures!

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