Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Friday, September 21, 2012

Archive Adventure 2. Polish Pilgrimage V. 2 Pt. 5

Well, I didn't have any time to post last night due to an unexpected project to work on.  And I got that dumb back side hip kind of pain exactly like on Tuesday or whenever it was and again while at the archives.  And it behaved exactly the same way.  I had it about an hour and then it started shifting to the front and thereafter disappeared as quickly as it had come.  Boy, what fun...See my previous post...

So aside from that, all went well at the archives and we accomplished a lot before it closed at 3:00 for the day.  Then we went to Lidl German store in Gross Strehlitz and picked up water and bread and fruit.  Tonight Dominika will drop by later for a minute and then tomorrow we will  go in the morning to Breslau or Wroclaw, as it is now known.  Actually, we will go to Kamin to the area of other relatives in this country, my mom's cousins.  My mom used to go here as a child to visit her grandmother.  Which was a long time ago.  I have been here twice, but just in the last 2 years,  have met online other immediate family members that I wasn't aware of.  So it will be nice!

On the evening, we will head to Breslau to a place that I have reserved for us to stay. It is rooms available from the Lutheran Augsburg church.  It is actually, by some strange luck, in the same building as my church is located.  How funny.  So it will be like in Utah, a church around the corner! 

Also last night, a local historian came by giving some insights to local history.  His name was Piotr Szymchak.  It was nice of him.  I now have his card and will be able to contact him with any questions that I might have at some time. 

The nights are getting colder and when we left the house this morning there was frost on the car window and we had to melt it before we left as there was no scraper in the car.

Bought a couple of take-home to the family gifts and I still need a few more.  More later, hopefully no internet problems in Breslau.  So if you don't hear from me, you will know what happened.

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