Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FGS Conference--Travel Day

Well, a group of us came to Birmingham through Memphis, TN.  I wanted to go in the Elvis shop there, but our layover was only about 30 minutes and had no time...Oh, well. Such is life, I guess.  There were about 8 or so of us on this flight.  I have heard that there are 32 of us in all that are here from FamilySearch.  The flight from Memphis to Birmingham was only about 36 minutes.  Quite short.  It was also a tiny little plane so I was a little on edge because we thought we would have a bumpy ride because of the hurricane.  We were lucky, not so.  All the FamilySearch people seemed to always be in the back of the plane on both legs of the journey.  I managed to arrive with a big headache, as did 2 other ladies and so we went to dinner together at a restaurant in the hotel.  Elaine and Fran and I ate together and visited and had a nice time.  The hotel is pretty big.
This is inside the atrium area of the hotel.  This is not too far from where we ate dinner tonight.
This is the view from my room.
No there is no hurricane here today.  Maybe later?
My room. 

The view from the conference center skywalk.  And that is all today.  Still have that darn headache!

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