Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, August 27, 2012

Alabama Ready or Not! Here I Come!

OK, so tomorrow I am heading to the FGS Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.  And yes, I am just a bit nervous because of the hurricane.  And yes, I hate flying on top of that.  I think everyone knows that about me, by now.  But, I am strangely excited to go, even though I will have to do two presentations, one on Friday and one on Saturday on Germany and Switzerland.  Funny, nothing Polish, this time!

So there are evening activities, a Social on Wednesday at the Birmingham Theatre and the Sloss museum on Thurdays, FamilySearch stuff on Friday nite and a Genealogist dinner on Saturday nite.  Lunches each day with different groups and a Librarian day on Wednesday, with a luncheon.  I will try to blog, if I have time.  I hope I will have the time as I like to have it so that I can remember what happened as well.  So stay tuned and I will do my best !  Little ole' geneablogger me, signing off till Alabama!

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