Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Calendar Holiday Parties Dec. 7

This day's posts on holiday parties in my past left me wondering. My immediate family (parents) were my only relatives in the United States. So we didn't actually have any family "parties" as such. I know that as I became an adult we had church Christmas parties, and work Christmas parties, but I think for me it was more immediate family get-togethers.  On Nov. 30th we had our Christmas work party at the Lion House Pantry.  In the past, we have always given each member of the staff a small gift.  Sometimes it would get difficult because there were quite a few staff members.  This year we decided to do a white elephant exchange.  These are always fun as everyone fights for what they "Really" want!

Here is most of the group.  I am again always the photographer.  It seems to be that way for work, home, family, vacation, you name it!  Does anyone know what I look like??  MAYBE THAT IS A GOOD THING!
Anyway, it was fun, good food and great company.  I remember lots of church parties over the years.  This year our church party is this coming Saturday morning and a breakfast.  I hadn't heard that until after I traded a late shift on Saturday for an early...:( wouldn't you know the one time that I should have worked the late shift instead.  Oh, well.  I really don't like to work lates.

PARTY ADDENDUM:  OK, so today we had another work party hosted by the missionaries on our floor.  Everyone brought goodies, some from their countries, others not.  Here is how our spread looked today!
Below is my very own plateful of nummy food!  I have a little sandwich, inari sushi, pulled pork sandwich, a lentil salad 2 different green salads, 2 jello-yogurt type salads, funeral potatoes, green bean salad and another casarole.
And a little dessert of Marzipan cake, pumpkin roll, rice pudding with strawberry sauce and an item that I don't know but it was good.

And the festivities were in the true spirit of Christmas.  Look at the cute ancestors hanging from the garland.
My little "cube" is also festive...
And of course, a nativity

So Christmas is just wonderful at work, home and Church.  I love the festivities, decorations and all the trimmings.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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