Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar Santa Claus Dec. 6

Memories of Santa Claus are wonderful.  My grandmother was Santa for me as a little child and my dad was Santa for my kids when they were little.  I am sure I have pictures of that in an album somewhere.    I looked but didn't find it.  I did find this picture of my kids though.  Thought it was fun.
I think that they had just "finished" decorating the tree.  They were proud of their accomplishments.  At least my daughter was.

Here is Oma Santa having me recite a prayer or a poem or something.  This was in Germany before we came to Minnesota.  I wonder if I knew who it was.  I probably did. 

What is Christmas without Santa.  After all the years of good ol' Santa, it would be really hard to totally do away with him.   My two oldest grandkids don't believe any more, but Brecklyn did say she will continue to say she does so that she will still get some presents.  She says that how could he go to everyone's house all on the same night all over the world.  She says that is totally impossible to do...  Maybe he takes the Concorde?  Just a thought!

At work we have a Christmas display with Santas from around the world.  This collection of Santas was given to us by a former missionary on the International floor where I work.

Here is the Netherlands "Santa" Sinter Klaas.  Today is Saint Nicolas Day and they of course celebrate it by putting out a shoe for their little goodies.

Here is a representation of the German Christkindl.  She also brings the children gifts.

Here is a Santa that comes out at my house each Christmas.

And a few others below!

Some of the questions to answer in this post were if we wrote to Santa as a child.  My answer, absolutely!  I don't know where those letters went, but I suppose the mailman knew!  It was fun to hope and wish for wonderful gifts, but sometimes we wanted lots of things and may not have gotten all on our little lists, I wish I could see a copy of those letters now.  It would be interesting to know what I wished for.

It was fun to see Santa at the stores and that always did make me wonder how he could be at so many places at the same time???  And the old story of Santa's helpers didn't always convince me I don't think. 

But believing in Santa is a wonderful thing of hope and love.  He represents wonderful things and love and happiness for all the good little children on earth.

Above is the complete Santa display case at work.  With Santas of many lands. 


  1. I always enjoy being reminded about the various interpretations of Santa around the world.

  2. The Polish Santa or St. Nick came bearing a stick and coal... Only if you were an especially good little boy or girl did you get some nuts, candy or perhaps a nice orange, and if you were extraordinarily well behaved you would earn a small toy. In spite of all that I still have very fond memories of Christmas as a child.
    My son George, who spent two or three Christmas holidays in Poland, remembers being chased by Santa around the table with that stick he carried at all times.
    Thanks for sharing and remembering. Happy St. Nick day to you!