Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Calendar Grab Bag at Temple Square Dec. 9

I wasn't sure what subject to write about until I went to an early morning class at the LDS Church Office Building.  I had to walk over about 8:00 am.  And this is what I saw:

This picture of the Salt Lake Temple was so unusual to me.  It looked as though there was a light in the one tower.  It was just the natural sunrise.  Isn't it pretty?  The Nativity from the first picture is at the bottom of this picture.

This is looking towards the new Conference center where the sun is also shining on the buildings.
The shepards are biding their sheep on Temple Square.

Here is a Japanese Nativity scene.  There are scenes from many countries as you walk up to the temple.  It is so beautiful at night when everything is lit up.  The pics above were with my cell phone and not of the best quality, but it was all I had with me at the moment.  And so I did the best I could with what I had.  If you are ever in Salt Lake City for Christmas, this is one of the wonderful places to see.  The lighting ceremony is the Friday right after Thanksgiving.  I see them putting up the tree lights months in advance and it takes months to put them all away.  I sometimes wonder why they don't leave them up, like some people we know!

So I took some more Temple Square shots.  Don't have any night shots, but that's OK, it's too cold for my blood!

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  1. This looks really neat! I wish I could see it at night!