Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Calendar Christmas Gifts

There is nothing better to me than seeing the excitement in a child's eyes as they open the package of that one thing they wanted more than anything else.  I have to tell you that as a child, I was pretty sneaky.  I knew all my mom's hiding places.  We had a real small house back in Minnesota, so there was not a lot of places to hide anything.  And I would look.  And shake, and rattle and R O L L .  Yes, I was not the perfect child, was I?  I hope my mother isn't reading this post....

I would try very carefully to peel back the tape and re-stick it.  I doubt I did too good a job of it.  OK, I admit it.  I couldn't stand waiting.  It was the worst in my child's mind.  Well, now you all know my deep, and very DARK secrets.

We would open our presents on Christmas Eve after a dinner and a little program of sorts.  I think one of my best and most favorite gifts was when I got my bicycle.  It was great to have the freedom to ride around with my friends and take little picnic lunches with us.

Another favorite gift was a really big doll that could walk when I held her arm.  Those are the ones I really remember. 

Now, I don't worry about getting gifts, I mostly am getting someone gifts, my grandkids especially, who I love to give worthwhile gifts to.    They mean so much to me and I hope they will always be aware of that.  Spencer and I try to give them things that they either really want or really need and might not otherwise receive. 

In the past, I have found little Logan, re-taping some gifts, too. He is his gramma's boy, isn't he? And given the above facts, do I have a right to scold him???  Probably not.  Here are some pics of Christmas gifts past.

Here we are in California while my parent's still lived there.
Weren't my kids just sweet.  Now they are all grown up..... (wasn't I thin....)
Well enough of the old pics, it was fun to reminisce!  The picture above was a real fun Christmas Present given to the neighborhood kids by the snow-plow guy.  We had so much snow this year that is was all pushed in the corner of our yard and stacked up with a back-hoe, if you can believe that and made a fabulous sledding hill.  The kids loved it, till it turned into ice and they all fell off the hill before they got on their sleds.  That wasn't too fun...I think that's Jamie on the upper right with her hand on her hip and Brian on the lower right sitting down.  The "neighborhood Matterhorn".   We have never had it since then so I am glad I got a picture so we can all remember!

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