Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Calendar Dec 20, Religious Services

"Here is the Church and here is the steeple"

"Open the doors, and see all the people".

These are "my people" by the way!  Jamie is smiling and especially happy because her little guy, there, who is the really shy guy of the family, went to nursery, the very first time and loved it!  No one stayed with him at all.  And he did just great!  Who would have guessed it.  I think the others needed daddy or mommy to stay at least a few Sundays before they would stay by themselves. 

For Christmas we usually have a Christmas program and this year, because Christmas falls on a Sunday it will be only a 1 hour meeting.  So that will be nice to be able to spend time doing some nice Christmas things.  This year on Christmas Day, my mom will make her regular Sauerbraten dinner which we all love.

This was the only tree that I saw at Church.  I noticed that today.

It was a cold and frosty Sunday today.  No snow, but who knows what Christmas Day will bring!  I always look forward to the kids at church to sing during the Christmas program.  I have three grandkids that go to Primary and hearing them and seeing them sing, brings out the true meaning of Christmas.  I love having Christmas on Sunday.

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