Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Friday, December 16, 2011

Advent Calendar Christmas At School

In thinking about today's topic, fond memories of childhood and Christmas come back.  I had mentioned at an earlier time, that I came from Germany and we settled in Elmore, Minnesota.  This little town was very quaint and the small-town atmosphere always came through.  It could be described as Mayberry, USA.  Where you feel safe, and at home. 

Going to school in Elmore was always nice and at Christmas time especially.  Back then there was no "It is not politically correct to say"  Merry Christmas.  It was just said and no matter what, it was not wrong to wish you a Merry Christmas, rather than just saying "Happy Holidays".  It was the celebration of the birth of Christ and so Merry Christmas was the theme and the excitement for every school child in Elmore. 

The school was different then now-a-days, Elementary was there, Jr and Sr High were there, in the same building, but it was a 3 story building and we all had our separate areas.  I attended there till the completion of 6th grade when afterwhich time we moved to California.

Mayberry USA is a good place to grow up as a child.  Christmas parties at school were fun and the room mothers would bring cupcakes decorated with Christmas looking toppings.  The anticipation was always there.  No doubt about that.  The school room was decorated with, yes, a real tree.  I think I may have posted a picture of one of my classes with a tree  in an earlier post.   The main area of the school would have a tree, lights and somewhere there was always a Christmas wreath and manger.  I would have missed all that had it not been decorated like that.  Politically correct was not a problem. 

I will look for more pictures and post them later.  A little busy with the Christmas rush!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. we always had a real tree in our classrooms as well and we wished everyone a Merry Christmas. As a teacher in Catholic schools I was very happy to be able to talk about Christmas.