Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, September 5, 2011

Lost and Found Photos Chapter 9

Office Celebration  of the Weber company in 1938.  Gertrude and Richard Guenther of Dresden.

The Wille Family on 22 Mar. 1959 (Palm Sunday) at the confirmation of Jurgen.
Here is Gertrud (Trudchen) of Dresden-Uebigau in 1924.
1932 Wachtenstr. in Dresden. Pippi Schreber and his wife.
Miss Huenecken in 1935
This is Anna Wenzel and her daughter Ruth Wenzel.  1929.  I suspect she was also at the Ermelhaus in Radebeul at this time.
This is in 1925 and is Lenchen Kopke of Grossenhain in Sachsen.
A note says she is a cousin, but I don't know her.
1918.  This is my grandfather's friend and colleague as she signs the back.  She is Anni Buchholz of Schoenebeck.  She is an apprentice at Schlesinger's.

The wedding of Herbert and Gertrud took place in 1930 in Dresden.  Their picture was taken by Hermann Gross Photohandlung in Dresden North at Leisniger Platz 1.  Telephone 54118.  The Last name of this Bridal pair is not given :(

This is Bruno Krueger and Mrs. Kirchmoeser, teacher, mayor in Berlin, served 50 years at the parish, organist and music teacher and a bee keeper as well.

Here is Richard Wunderlich in 1946.

In 1934, Master Artisan and glass maker, Friedrich Mende posed for this picture in Salzwedel.

This one's for me.  Here is my first home.  My place is marked by the X.  This was in Zeilsheim, not too far from Frankfurt.  This appears to be different looking than when Jamie and I and Tyson went to see it in 2009.   There are now HUGE trees in the front of this, a playground and many more buildings of similar style all around it.  The trees were oaks and had little acorns falling of which I picked up several.  I wanted to keep them but they got sort of I didn't.  It looks way different now.  But nothing stays the same.  And for me it was a treat to go there.
Here is a picture of Elli Felber and Brunhilde.  I suspect another Ermelhaus woman.  And that is all for today.

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