Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, September 5, 2011

200th Post and Lost and Found Photos Chapter 10

1933 This is little Edeltraut Kinder at 6 months of age at New Year's time.  Must be around or in Dresden.
This picture is from August 1953.  The 4 trenchcoated ladies are:
Lilo Wethner, Hanni Klinke, Irmgard Rueffer and Anita Groebel.  Picture developed at Foto-Lenz in Genthin.

1930 Else Schoenfeldt with Schniegs and Uschi? 

1935 Christening of child of the Kinder family of Dresden -Uebigau.
1931, the "Oberin", or the woman in "charge" of the Ermelhaus.

The "front and back" belong together of the 2 items directly above.  It is addressed to Friedrich Garz, Prisoner of War in Camy de Coetzuidan (Morbihan) France.  Apparently he does receive his mail as my grandfather had it in his old album. It is postmarked from Tangermuende1 Mar 1915.  The writers Karl and Emma Garz say that they have not heard from him in a long time. Karl Garz appears in the picture with a group of interesting unknown friends and possibly relatives.
This picture was taken in 1915, also.  It is the school picture of Kurt Hoeke.  The children appear to be of various ages. No others were named.
The Ermelhaus, home for unwed mothers in 1929.
Another view of the Ermelhaus in 1929-31.  There are some ladies in front.
1968.  This was the golden confirmation celebration of my grandmother, Frieda Louise Baatge-Hoeke.  It's dated as Fall 1968 in Genthin. 
The picture of the building is the apartment building my grandparents lived for the most of their married life.  The address was Friedenstr. 4 Genthin. This picture was dated Oct. 1954. The bottom picture shows my grandparents, Frieda and Karl Hoeke in an unknown year.  Clearly they were older by this time.  I really never got to know my grandmother, mother of my dad.  She and my grandfather lived in East Germany and we were in America.  While we were still in Germany, they came to visit us at one time.  My mom says that Grandfather Karl was very busy while there, but that my grandmother wanted to spend time with me.  I was a baby, of course, and that was the only time we were ever together.  My grandfather came to America in the late 1970's when we were expecting our 2nd baby.  That is the first time that I got to know him.  We were able to go back later a couple of times to visit him in Genthin. 

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