Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lost and Found Photos Chapter 8

As I start the 8th segment of my grandfather's photos, I want to mention, that a great majority of these pictures are NOT my relatives.  They are acquaintances, friends of my grandfather whose pictures ended up in his books.  He has many more than what I will be putting on my blog, but they have no explanation...a lesson in labeling for the future.  Yes our own pics, we know everyone, but down the road???  Who knows.  The lady above is Amanda Ihlau of Schoenebeck, grandfather's school friend taken in 1917.
This photo taken in 1915 was a picture of my grandfather's 6th grade class.  If you look on the top right, there is an arrow pointing to my grandfather.  This would have probably been in Magdeburg.  The teacher was Mr. Lindekugel, who stands just under grandfather Hoeke.

Here is Emma Theuerkauf in 1915.  Interesting things in her hand, a jug of some sort, and a cup hanging from the spout.  I's for milk.
In 1926, we have a photo of Fridel Rueger of Dresden.  Nice home and the clothes are definitely of the 20's, flapper style.
Here, also in 1926 is what appears to be her sister Hanna Rueger of Dresden in front of the same house.  Looks like maybe it was windy or else perhaps Hanna was having a bad hair day.  Good to know they had them back then, also.

This is "sister" Gabbert of Tangermuende in 1919.  Kind of an unflattering outfit...but oh well.
This was taken in 1924 in Riesa.  There is a + next to that.  So I think it meant that she had died, which by now, of course, would have been the case, however, I don't know when the mark was made.  And I don't know her name...
This is 1920 and here we have Rudolf who signs his last name with a big "flourish" making it hard to know exactly what his last name was.  I am guessing:  Lachmann, Lachmerz, Lachellerz...Sorry Rudolf, I hope if someone is looking for you, you didn't blow it with your fancy penmanship...
1928 we have a picture of Mickie and Budi Schulz, children of merchant Schulz of Dresden.  The photo is dated 22 Feb.  The photographer was Curt Pause on Borsbergstr. 1.
1922, a picture of Gustav Gabbert of Tangermuende dated Ostern (Easter 1922)  So maybe at communion time?
Summer 1934 finds Hedwig and Karl Wischeropp posing for this nice picture.  This name I see often in various church records that I have searched, but don't believe it ever crops up in any of my genealogy.
I totally like this hat.  It gives the lady the real "attitude" look.  It was taken in 1933 at R. Sparl photography in Dresden, Bautznerstr. 4.  This is Alfred Schuhknecht and his wife.  A "+" follows his notation.  With that uniform makes one wonder if he died in the War?
26 Sep. 1924 is the home of Albert Peter Fuerstenau in Kreis Arnswalde.  This photo, as so many of these is used as a "postcard"  (see below).  I am just showing the back of this card so that you can see what appears to be done commonly in this time period. 

I think it's kind of interesting how this was done in that time period.  I enjoy looking at these old photos.  Maybe someone will google his ancestor and find them on my blog.  I think it would be wonderful.  I am doing this because my mom lost all her childhood photos in World War II.  I am sure she wasn't the only one to do so...I would love to find her photos on the net that someone had in an old photoalbum or scrapbook.  One can only hope...

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  1. Thanks a million! Hedwig Wischeropp is my mom's dad's mother :)