Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lost and Found Photos

Do you ever wish you could find a photo of your long-lost relative?  My grandfather's album has pictures of people he knew that I have no knowledge of.  I am posting a few of them.  Maybe someone will google a name and will find them someday. 
This unknown woman is Frieda Hahn.   The picture was taken in 1925 in Dresden.  A note on the back says she was a child caretaker (au-pair) in the employ of Oberleutenant Erxleben.

This is Else Wagner taken in 1928 of Schonberg in Sachsen.  Nothing else known about her.  I am sure though that she must have been someone's mom, grandma, greatgrandma, etc???
This one is noted as the W. Theuerkauf wedding.  I think she has an interesting headpiece, probably period wedding style of this decade, 1928.  No location, but Sachsen/Saxony for sure.

This family portrait is dated 1918.  They are the Sondermann clan.  No other notations.

This is actually a family picture of the Lindemann family, one of mine.  You can see the couple bottom row, center, below which are two X's.  They are the couple of honor.  This was their 60th wedding anniversary.  There Are Heinrich Lindemann and wife Berta Naue and the picture was taken in Klueden in Altmark Kr. Gardelegen.
The date of the photo is 13 Dec 1951.  There were 86 guests.  Marie Berta Lindemann nee Naue was born in 1872.  Unfortunately, I don't know who those guests are.  I am sure many are related but some are probably just friends and neighbors.

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