Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lost and Found Photos Chapter 2

Here is a continuation of my grandfather's photo albums.  These are his acquaintances and friends.  Perhaps you are looking for them.
This picture is of Liesbeth (Elisabeth) Moche.  It was taken in 1926 and the location of Zoblitz Kr. Rothenburg in Ober Lausitz is noted.  The photographer was Kurt Leitz.

This is the Werner Brachmann Wedding in Dec. 1931.  The wife is Erna Wasserthal.  They are actually non-blood relatives through a Baatge marriage.

This is Reichsbahnrat Wunderlich and family taken by Oscar Rothe in Dresden Schaeferstr. 7

These are the Wunderlich children on their first day of school, with their Zuckertuete.  The picture is dated 1924  with a note from the sender, greetings from Karl Heinz.  (Was my dad named after him???)  Another notation said, Docent at the University of Berlin 1950.  Photo location mentioned was Radeburg 4 May 1926.

This is Marianna Heinze, daughter of the quarterman Max Heinze of Ostrau by Doebeln.  Bahnhofstr. 20..

Erna Schuhknecht of Dresden in 1933

This photo just says, in remembrance of Reginchen (Regina) Bauer. Aug 1924

This is Erika Stange of Eisleben dated 19 May 1925.  Was my aunt named after her?  Makes one wonder???

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  1. Wow! you have a lot of family photos, I also have some. Perhaps someday I will pull them out.