Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Opa Hoeke's Albums "Ermelhaus"

Here are pictures of Erika at the Ermelhhaus.  I had forgotten what it was called.  This is the place where my father was born also.  I always wondered why they made nurses wear those silly hats... What a pain!
 10 Sep 1929 at the Ermelhaus, my dad's sister Erika.
 To give an idea that the women did stay at the Ermelhaus for a certain longer length of time, this woman was at the Ermelhaus and my grandmother, who was also there at the same time, served as a "pate" for the baptism of this woman's child.  The woman was "Helena" and her child's name was Wolf. No last name was given on the picture. This picture was taken in the summer of 1929.  My grandmother would have had a young baby, Erika,  at this time and be expecting my dad, who was born in 1930.
 This is my grandmother, Frieda Louise Baatge, and her first child, Erika.  Picture 1929 at the Ermelhaus.
 To get an idea of their stay, there is this picture of a "random" nurse from the Ermelhaus, who Frieda must have known fairly well to be keeping a picture of her in their family albums.
 Here are the nurses in training.  I have to say, that never would I have had time or interest in taking pictures of any of the nurses during my hospital stay when I had kids, so it shows that the unwed mothers at this institution stayed for quite a length of time.  As mentioned in an earlier blog, maybe they stayed there and helped out to "pay" for their time there.  But this is just "my" thoughts, not necessarily correct, by any means.
 This is a picture from the Ermelhaus of a young woman Erny Gretschel taken 27 Oct 1931.  So I really am wondering, just how long did women stay here?  I am really curious...

Another friend from the Ermelhaus whose name was Elfriede Tietz.  Dated 12 Feb 1931.

So this picture has me very curious about the Ermelhaus.  Here are some of the children and nurses from there.  Notice these aren't infants by any means.  So did many mothers also give up their children for adoption and leave them here?  It is really a curious thing to me.  I guess I don't know as much as I should about this place. I also was able to find a new modern picture of the Ermelhaus.  See the link below:

Doing a little Googling, I find that

Lexikon:  Ermelhaus

The Ermelhaus stands in the part of the Sachsen city of Radebeul called Oberlösnitz.  The exact address is Augustusweg 112., and 112a.
Click to find out more about the  Ermelhaus  and also see a modern picture.

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