Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Photos Radebeul

Before my grandfather died, I was able to get a few old pictures from him.  He had promised me all his photo albums, but that I couldn't have them until after his death.  However, when he died, my cousin was the one that was informed, and went and cleared his apartment, including the promised albums. :( .  All trashed....So what was given to me prior to his death is all that I have.  I am going to post some in my blog.  The picture below is Radebeul, in particular the Ermelhaus where my father and his sister were born.  I know also that my grandmother, lived here for a while, longer than what would be considered necessary to have recovered from birth in that time period, which time was much longer than would be considered normal in today's recovery time.  In fact, I think that she may have lived there close to a year, judging by the dates of many of the pictures that I was given of this place and of the "residents".  I am wondering if some of the mother's paid their time by service or working there after their births. 

Radebeul Ermelhaus circa 1929-30

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