Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 3

Today is Sunday and I wanted to go to church, so Danuta took me along.  They are a different locality than where I have been in the past.  This is in a rented meeting hall.  I was happy to be there.  The members were a very diversified group.  Made it interesting and everything was translated into English which was nice for me, of course.  And if you can believe it, I was asked to give the closing prayer in sacrament.  Thank goodness, I could do it in English. I was able to meet the Family History Library director at church and he was very nice and speaks great English. This is a picture of he and I after Sacrament meeting.   He is in charge of the FHC here in Warsaw. It was interesting to note that you could see that certain members did all the callings in every area.  The one that lead the music, gave the opening prayer, then she translated in Sunday School (Old Testament in 2nd Kings) and then again in Relief Society.  And so it was with the others as well.  The talks were given in English and completely translated into Polish.    It was really nice to be there and they were a nice little group and seemed to have a good knowledge of the Church.

I have finally gotten my internet to work and I am happy about that.  I had to buy an external modem and everything works fine.  Now, I have tried to Skype home but no one has answered.  What luck!  Now I realize, that no one will answer because they are in Church, also.   Forgot about that....

We are now getting ready for the drive tomorrow and it was really hot today and of course, nowhere seems to have AC, a least not that I was able to notice.  That is all for today.  Now I can check my mail and call on skype.  Isn't it great?

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