Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 2

I had worried last night that I wouldn’t be able to sleep because I was so overtired. I fell asleep at 11:00 and didn’t wake once till about 8:00 am. So that was very good and I was very glad to get the much needed rest. Danuta didn’t wake up till much later, so we weren’t able to go to the computer places to find out how to get me an internet connection till much later in the day and then we kind of got a lot of wrong information and ended up wasting lots of time and energy in Warsaw driving from one place to another. We got the needed part immediately, and the sales girl put it in and configured it, but it didn’t do anything. It is supposed to give me internet for one month. So, I haven’t been able to post or do anything at all. I have been checking my email.
Barbara, a friend of Danuta’s invited us for lunch and it was my favorite pierogi, Sauerkraut and mushroom. They were absolutely delicious and I ate my fill. She was a very nice lady and is trying to get her grandfather’s death certificate in Detroit where he died in 1950. I helped her find some things like his emigration papers and other items and my friend Ceil Jensen gave us the information on contacting the cemetery and receiving the record she needs.
Now it is going towards night. It gets dark here earlier than at home. Tomorrow in the morning is church and I hope to meet the director of the Warsaw Family Histor Center who has been an email friend for a long time

With Danuta's friend, Barbara.  She makes fantastic pierogi!

Dessert was plum cake and we had a borsht drink, not soup.  It was something new for me!

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