Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 1

Day 1
Well, this is day 1 of my Poland Pilgrimage. This, of course, was not a “fun” day in anyway. It was just the “getting here” part. Here is how things went, so far:
Woke up about the same time as a work day. We left about 8:00, and Spence dropped me off at the sky cap. After he left, he took our grandson fishing. Sounds like fun. I headed for the gate and got stopped to have my carry-on and purse searched and completely dismantled. I had organized everything exactly the way I wanted it to be for easy access when I needed something. But the guy was definitely looking for something they had seen in the Xrays. It was my flash drive, they thought it was a knife. Oh, dear… Guess I will leave that home next time. So then naturally, I ended up trying to get out of the way and just basically threw everything back in. What a mess. I had plenty of time to wait at the gate until boarding time. The flight was on time.
The flight was definitely “no frills” being as it was a 3 ½ hour trip with no lunch, unless you consider a small bag of peanuts a healthy balanced lunch…There wasn’t even an option to buy anything, which I was surprised about. You could get an M&M’s expanded snack for $5.00. Didn’t seem too cost effective to me! It was a really bumpy ride. We didn’t get our peanuts for about 1½ hours into the flight because the flight attendants couldn’t leave their seats yet. But I survived the bumps despite not having a family member there to whom I would have inflicted major hand damage. The person next to me was lucky I didn’t know them too well, if at all otherwise it really might have been ugly…
Then we landed in Detroit. It was muggy there compared to Utah. You could feel the humidity instantly. It was almost as though you could even smell it. The lady at the counter said my Amsterdam flight was up the escalator and to the train, 2nd stop. So that is where I went and got to the Amsterdam gate about 15 minutes before boarding. Close one. We boarded and I was happy to get an aisle seat so that I could get up without annoying anyone. The young woman next to me was going to Istanbul Turkey. The couple in front of us to Africa, several others to Turkey and a bunch were going to Africa on some sort of Missionary type assign for the homeless. So it was an interesting group of people there.
Then the last leg of the journey was from Amsterdam to Warsaw. This was with KLM and only a 1 ½ hour trip. Although it was a shorty, they served us breakfast (my 2nd for the day) and then a snack and drinks right after that. I was amazed after the Delta no lunch ride. And the service was definitely service with a smile, friendly, helpful and very nice. Probably the best part of the whole thing.
Then Danuta met me and we came to her apartment in Warsaw.
  • Tomorrow is an easy day and on Monday gehts los!

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