Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 4

Poland Pilgrimage Day 4

Pics later!
Today was a really wonderful day. Last night I slept well and Danuta was surprised about that because there was a HUGE thunder storm with lightning and rain that were so loud she was awakened and could no longer sleep. It is funny how I must have slept like a log or a baby or whatever, as I heard nothing and had no clue about rain etc. Except that the clothes I had hung to dry on the balcony were wetter in the morning than when I checked them before going to bed. I thought maybe it had been a really humid night. It was definitely hotter than in the past days.

We went to pick up my rental car this morning. It was supposed to have been a Renault Megane, but was actually a VW Golf. Apparently this is a little upgrade. It is really a nice car and the trunk fits everything with no problems. It runs on diesel and should be less to run here in Poland. We had lunch at a roadside restaurant and the name of it, I can’t quite remember, although at the time I made a point of committing it to memory so that I would remember that it was a good restaurant for a future time, perhaps. That goes to show I have my senior moments, too. We had Chicken Kiev and it was very good. It wasn’t too expensive, either. Maybe about $3.00. Then we got Salads and Black Currant juice. Danuta ate the same as I did. We are now in Koschentin as I am writing this, I am NOT able to get internet. The family we are staying with now have internet, but she says it’s slow. But slow in still better than no… so perhaps tomorrow night I can see about posting this on my blog. Danuta had a little trouble getting things to operate at first, like the mirror adjustment. But now she likes our blue machine.

My GPS was “sort of” working, but not completely. For the amount of money spent on the Euro map SD card, I am really disappointed. Sometimes “Bobby Sue”, my GPS voice would just say, Recalculating, recalculating.” She could make a gal crazy after a while. What a deal. But we got to Koszęcin, formerly Koschentin, where my grandmother was born. I was so very excited as I saw the familiar signs and finally a sign saying Koszęcin 6 km. Yeah! We were almost there. It was such a wonderful feeling to be in the town where Omi was born in and lived. A large portion of her ancestors lived here for hundreds of years and we are here staying with my cousins. And here we will stay for a while.

When we arrived in Koschentin, the first thing we saw was a large stork’s nest. In an earlier post, I had written a little about my trip to Germany last year and the stork we finally found after our trip was over. And then 10 months later, our little grandson was born. So daughter, watch out!!! But for sure, this brings me “GOOD LUCK”!

We noticed some changes in my cousin's home from the last stay three years ago. There was no longer the metal gate which opened the back of the property where the last time we parked our car. It was replaced with a very nice stone-type fence. It was very nice, so we stopped in front where a young man was weeding. We entered the front gate and saw Jan, the head of the home sleeping in the patio. We hated to disturb him so we got back in the car and drove around the side and parked in the drive way. There we went inside and Theresa and Malgosia were sitting in the kitchen. They were so happy to see us and we were greeted with the wonderful Silesian hospitality. Malgosia is Jan and Theresa’s daughter that was there on our first visit in 1992. She and my daughter were 2 years apart in age and we had a nice time together. It seems that she and her husband, Thomek and daughter, Weronika, were on vacation and visiting also, as was a sister, Marysia, from Kozylin. So we found out the young man Robert weeding was a relative, also. So there was quite a family all together and a houseful of house guests. We are sleeping all over the house. It is a good thing it is a large house. After we arrived, we had cake and drinks and sat outside in the patio area. As with Polish custom, Cake time seems to go on till dinner time. It was fun to talk there because Malgasia teaches English in a school and so I could speak with her and Marysia spoke German and therefore I could also speak directly with her. After while I would speak German to Danuta, who knows none, and English to Marysia, who also knows no English. With three languages being spoken, it got just a little confusing but funny, to say the least. There was never a dull moment.. Their 5 year old granddaughter, gave us our entertainment of singing English songs and doing multiple dances. She hated to stop but it was getting late and the mosquitos were out. There are two little kittens that have come to their home, also and played almost the entire time with each other. It was so funny to watch them and their endless energy. Oh to have it! During the entertainment, it was raining.

So, tomorrow we had originally thought we had an appointment at the archdiocese office in Katowice, but the person making my appointments forgot this one!  So we had to do some fast calling and arranging and working with them to get the letters and permissions needed to visit this particular archive. So as a result, tomorrow will be a “free” day and I guess we will go to the Koszecin church and do some things and also to Irkau/Irki to see my great grandfather’s place. Jan would like to go also as his father was born there, and he has never been there, yet lived here most of his life. It is only 5 km away. So we will bring him along. He says that even now, there are probably no more than 5 houses there. Isn’t that amazing??? So that was an interesting story. We will see what this brings about. Wednesday starts then our first of many archive appointments. More on that as the time comes.

I am wishing that my granddaughter were here to play with theirs as they are the same age. They would surely have a blast together! And their moms played together 18 years ago…It is funny. So greetings from Koszęcin and good night!

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