Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 5

Poland Pilgrimage Day 5

Today was an interesting day, to say the least and an adventure of sorts. OK, so we went early to the Piriest in Koszecin and only the lady that worked for him was there and she said he would return by noon. And he did not. In the meantime we went back to pick up Jan Ulfik and we went to Irki, a town 5 km away where my great-grandfather’s farm was. I remembered in my mind what this place looked like back in 1992. It was a very old “Hof” and I had pictures of it and my mom and Jamie were with me back then. The place was owned by a Gerard Soballa at that time. So Jan wanted also to go to Irki and find his family’s house. We drove and thought maybe we had found my place, but it wasn’t quite right. We knocked to ask directions, we got them and I said to Danuta, maybe she also knows where the old Ulfik place was. Well, we were there, It was so funny. So he took some pictures and it was really interesting to him. He says now his father is gone and he has this interest.

Then we went to my family home. It looked strange to me, not at all as I had remembered it to look and strange somehow. It was indeed the right place and the owner was still Gerard Soballa, now 82 years old. He told us that he remembered our visit from years ago and apparently the tornado that hit it Koschentin, which I heard about one day on the news in the US, of course, had actually destroyed the old buildings on my great grandfather’s farm. It was now all rebuilt and what we saw was no longer there. The property that Franz Gralla had owned he sold to a Jewish man who later sold it to Soballas. Franz owned 16 hectors of land there.

We talked and took pictures and then we left. The farm was the very next farm by the old Ulfik farm. My relatives were neighbors. The Ulfiks sold their farm in the year 1910, probably just a little after the Grallas. So that is really funny to me.

We tried the parish at Sadow, also, again no luck as the Priest was not around nor was anyone in the office. It had a big cemetery and Danuta and I got the family name stones all photographed. It was nice to have two cameras and two people. It went really fast that way. Then we went home to the Ulfiks and all went together for lunch at a place in Ruschinowitz. Here was an adventure…We went to a place out in the country, away from everything. When we got there, there was only one other car there. The place was very Silesien and the music was old German “Schlager” music. We had Roladen, red cabbage and Klöse, gravy and black currant Juice. I also had hot cucumber soup. It had cucumbers, carrots, tiny pieces of potato, dill, seasonings, of which I am not certain of and celery. It was sort of a cream base soup and was really delicious. The food was great and there were all 8 of us there, Jan, Theresa, Marysia, Robert, Ewa ULfik’s son, Malgorzata, and Weronika, Danuta and me. We then went to the car and there was a car parked so strangely by ours and the people spoke to us and Danuta said that they were telling us that they had just backed into our car…great. There was very little damage, but they had a little more. So Danuta called the Avis number and Avis said to call the police, which she did and they came after maybe 20 minutes. We did an accident report and the others admitted that they were completely at fault. Thank goodness they didn’t just leave and leave me with the bill. That would have been something…It wasn’t a big thing, but the car was only 1 month old. So, a little ding would be noticed. Anyway, so that was interesting and then we were able to leave and go while the others had to stay. We then tried the parish in Koschentin again. And finally found an old priest and the priest said the other priest was moving away and he was retired and was just giving the mass that night. He had no keys to the books, unfortunately. So, I don’t know what to do. Then we went over to Sadow again and there was a man that gave us the church numbers and told us the priest would be there tomorrow night around 7:00. So after the archives tomorrow in Gliwice, we will go there. Or at least try to call.

We came back a little later and went to the Heimat Museum run by Gerard Myrcik. He has an index of all the births in Koschentin. I was hoping to get a copy but he wouldn’t let us make a copy. Hmmm. Oh, well. I did see the birth of a Gralla there clear back in 1764 and I will have to check that out.

I bought his latest book and 2 older style postcards. So now, I must go to bed.

I am excited about the archives tomorrow.

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