Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 9-10

Here is lunch in Tworog.  We had chicken, potatoes, salad and cabbage.  It was quite good.

Here is the Argentian group that performed.  Danuta liked the guy in the middle.

So actually as I am writing it is Sunday in Poland. I am hearing the bells announcing mass at my grandmother’s church. It is sort of a neat feeling. It is about 7:15 in the morning. I wake up fairly early in Poland because the sun starts rising about 4:30 in the morning. Unlike Germany, I don’t see any rolling shutters in this part of Poland, so the light comes into the room that I am sleeping in. Unlike yesterday, at this time there is no rain. Yesterday it rained and rained, non-stop. I was a little sad about that because I wanted to roam the vicinity on the weekend. That had been on my agenda, so to speak. But in a while we did that anyway.

yesterday after breakfast we were not able to go to any archives because they are closed for the weekend. We will go back to Katowice tomorrow in the state archives and finish that up as best as possible. That will probably be my next chance to post my blog and communicate with the outside world. Unless at the palace tonight I can get an internet connection. So Danuta and I got into the car, set the GPS and headed to my ancestral villages to see them again, get some pics and just feel the ambiance of being there. (at least for me, anyway) So we headed to Wisnicze and took some picture, to Toszek, to the city market square and to the church and the castle which sits just above the church. It was nice to see it all again. There always now seems to be those renaissance days at the old castles in Germany and Poland that depict the middle ages with knights and ladies in waiting and the whole thing. I have yet to see one, but maybe one day the opportunity will rise and I will. We drove to Himmelwitz/Jemielnika and tried to get to Dziewkowice, which is pronounced Jeffkowitze in Polish. And we couldn’t get there, every street leading to it was a dirt road full of mud because of the rain that was falling. Not that I wasn’t feeling very adventurous, but the last thing we needed was to be stuck in mud and not be able to get help. Here is the forests, there are many times that Danuta’s cell phones don’t get reception and also the GPS loses satellite transmission. Such is life. Anyway, we saw lots of the old ancestral towns and I had just wished that I didn’t have to stay so much in the car, but yesterday’s rain was cold and windy. I definitely didn’t bring clothing or shoes for what happened on Saturday.

We had told Jan that we would be home around 2:00, and after a nice lunch at somewhere around Tworog, at the Restaurant Lido, and a short shopping stop at a Netto, which Danusia says is like Aldi, but from Denmark, not Germany, we headed back to Koszecin. Jan seems to have LOTS of local connections to historical type people. He knew a man Edward Wieczorek (also a name on my Koszecin pedigree) who had made arrangements with a town near Graz in Austria. ( can’t remember the name, but have copies and photos about it) and he had a lot of historical information. It was really interesting to me because of the fact that there is a town in the district of Graz where we went in 1984 because it was called “Gralla”. It is very near to the now arranged for sister city of Koszecin. The reason they wanted this as their sister city is because the prince from Koszecin, Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen went there after the war to live and he died there. I was given lots of historical information about this and its all jotted in my notebooks. I found it so interesting because of the name Gralla, my mom’s maiden name and the town Gralla which is also in the Graz area. Anyway, Mr. Wiecorek, was a nice man and let me photograph his papers and also gave me some as well.

Then it was time to get ready for the “Folklorico” at the palace of Hohenlohe. There was a nice theatre there and Jan, Danusia, Weronika and NIcoli, who is the nephew of Jan who just arrived from Milan, Italy where his mother, the sister of Theresa, married an Italian and lives. Anyway, the production features, Belo-Russian, Argentine, Portuguese and Turkish folk dance troupes from these countries and they put on a really nice performance. Koszecin is trying to be “the” cultural center of Southern Poland and the well-known performers, in the group called “SLask” are based out of the Palace in Koszecin where they have tryouts from performers from all over Poland and dance summer camp training during the summer. They travel in a large bus all over showing the presentation. They are quite famous.

After the performance there was a stand of books and things that the palace sells. I saw one book, that I didn’t remember seeing or owning. I have to have everything ever written on Koszecin, you know! So I opened it up just to take a look and there was the picture that I know from another book, with my great grandfather, Franz Gralla and the other 35 forestor’s of Koszecin with the Prince. So of course, I bought the book and then Jan said, look the author is my neighbor. So after we returned to the house Jan calls him and he comes over to sign the book and talk. He is very nice and says he remembers that the son of a forestor on page 32 of the book, told him about the forestor Gralla. He also said my grandfather was not the only “Robin Hood” type around these parts and told us some stories and then said his brother Josef Tyrol, who lives 32 km away is writing a book, also about the Robin Hoods. I couldn’t believe it. And so he calls his brother and his book is almost ready for production and I should send him a picture of Franz in his uniform, which I will after I get home. I was given his email address. Danuta and I will try to get together with him later today because he also sits regularly at the church in Sadow where the Priest informed us the other day that he has no Communicanten books which I really wanted. However, this Josef says that this is not true, they are there. So we will see if we can get the information that I need through him., somehow.

So tonight is our last nite at Jan's, Jan’s sister, Marysia made Roladen/Rolada for lunch today and we will stay for that and then make our way to the palace studio apartment that we reserved. While taking care of that reservation, yesterday or whenever it was, the worker there took us through the palace. The rooms, like hotel rooms were absolutely beautiful with all the amenities. So one last night in my little Koszecin and then in the morning to Katowice archives, and after hopefully to Gliwice to try to pick up the book at the museum that we tried to get earlier but ran out of time because of our Post office experience. Then we drive to Opole. We will stay 3 nights there and after we are all done with everything, on Thursday afternoon we will leave for Warsaw. We will arrive there later in the evening.

This morning is quite cool and I have my little jacket on. Wish I had brought a warmer one. It took me a while to fall asleep last night because my feet were so cold. So I put on my one and only pair of socks I had brought with me.

I forgot to mention that the whole family gathered around the outside fireplace to talk and visit. Unfortunately, there were mosquitos. It reminded me of having s’mores in the backyard like we do around the outdoor firepit we have outside. But this time no roasting marshmallows, etc. That’s all for what happened on Saturday. Hopefully I will have time tonight to write about Sunday’s adventures.

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