Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 14

Today was a tiring day by getting up early, having a good breakfast at the hotel and then by heading to Katowice from Opole.  Of course, the GPS had another melt down due to "detour" signs caused by big construction projects.  Believe it or not, we eventually made it to our goal and went to the Archdiocese archive.  It didn't really have records that we would be using at the library, but there were some of interest, but definitely not of primary importance in any way.  After finishing here, we took some pictures of the vicinity and then walked quite a distance uphill to the car.  Parking here was not easy to find.  We then headed for Warsaw and believe it or not, we made it, and dropped off my rental car at the airport.  We had to explain all about the accident and the worker there called the police number and verified everything.  He said that there should be no problem.  So that was out of our hair.  They keep changing my Warsaw to Frankfurt flight and so I have to keep a close watch on this so I get there, eventually!  Today there wasn't too much rain and after we got back, I walked to the store about 1/2 mile from Danuta's.  It was nice to walk a bit again.  And tomorrow is souvenir day--I hope.  For some reason my suitcase is bulging w/o anything in it much.  I don't understand this at all...
Anyways, I hope that I don't have to pay extra.  I am tired of stuffing everything to the brim.  I will be glad to go home, see the grandkids and even go back to work!  See all you Utahns fairly soon!

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