Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poland Pilgrimage Day 13

Here is a funeral procession in Centawa.

My trip is rapidly coming to its end.  Today we went to the archives in Groslawice.  There we found a building with no marks to indicate what it was, including a building address number.  We rang the bell and it was the right place.  Aside from the woman that worked there, we were the first there at 8:00 am.  By the way the Mercure hotel has a very nice breakfast.  And all you can eat, fruit, meat, coffees, teas, herbal and other, many fruit juices, many rolls, bread varieties and omelettes, vegies, cheese, Kielbasa, scrambled and hard boiled eggs, bacon, cereals, fruit and other salad type things and just about anything.  Very nice.  Anywys, back to the archive, there I had the same forms to fill out and then the book request.  The young woman that worked there spoke German, so that was nice for me.  I had quite a list of land records that I requested.  Here the copies were double the price as the other state archives where we have been.,  This was a little strange to me and so I kind of held back on the copies that I requested.    Most of the books from which I requested copies did not yet have page numbers.  Apparently I was the first to use these books.  It was interesting on the land records as one file was for one person and his family and one that I got for the Pallus family was very thick and I wanted the whole thing! Unfortunately for me, this wasn't an option.  There were some court records as well that were interesting.  I had thought it would take forever to get through all the files, but it didn't, so we went to the archives in Opole.  There we checked some civil registration records that were interesting.  The archive in Groslawice did not have a catalog of their holdings so it was not possible to request other things.  After we were done in Opole, we walked to the Mercure hotel, put our things away, paid our bill and then went to the Pierogi place that a taxi driver had recommended to us. Danuta didn't want to drive to Groslawice because of all the detours so she paid the taxi for me.  The pierogi place was great and I also had a cabbage roll with rice and vegetables.  It had tomato sauce over it.  I also had a blueberry pierogi.  Very tasty.    I uploaded some pictures and tried to load a few more, but nothing happened.  Will keep trying.  It is only 6:00 and Danuta is sawing logs.  Poor girl.  It is a bit cold in the room and outside it didn't rain as much as days past, but still cold windy with scattered showers, some quite hefty.  Well tomorrow we go to the Archdiocese archives in Kattowitz and I am thinking that after that we will go straight to Warsaw.  I am watching German TV right now as I work on this.

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