Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What I Missed About America! And What I Miss About Poland!

As most of you know I just spent a wonderful 17 days in Poland visiting Archives as a work assignment.  It was great and I had good experiences there.  But there were definitely things I missed and was so happy to have again when I returned yesterday.  They are (not all in order of importance)

1.  My family
2.  Driving my car when and where I wanted to
3.  Napkins at the table
4.  Big refrigerators
5.  Enough electrical outlets and having them in convenient places
6.  Climate controls (hot and cold)  car and house
7.  Screens on the windows
8.  Tomatoes from the garden
9.  Multiple TV's in the house
10. Big one-stop grocery stores--Walmarts
11. Parking spaces!
12. LDS Church on every corner
13.  Inexpensive Xerox copies
14.  Laundromats and large washing machines
15.  Lots of freeways
16.  Cemetaries with old grave stones
17.  Drive-thru fast food places
18.  Drive-thru banking
19.  Cars with big trunks
20.  Free local phone calls
21.  Being able to read the language
22.  Hugs from grandkids

What I Miss About Poland:
1.  My ancestral villages
2.  Pigeons on every corner
3.  Pierogi mmmm.
4.  Roladen and red cabbage...
5.  Old castles, palaces and historic buildings
6.  Polish Ice Cream
7.  Silesian traditions
8.  My relatives
9.  Bookstores
10. Koszecin hand-churned butter, farm cheese and milk, and bread
11.  Afternoon cake custom
12.  Archives
13.  Forests everywhere
14.  A Gralla in every town/Palus or Grochla, Dziuk, Ochmann and Kandzia
15.  Kids selling blueberries on the roadsides
16.  Kloese/Dumplings, Silesian style
17.  Black currant Juice and jam
18.  Church bells ringing
19.  Cobblestones
20.  Looking at original church books
21.  Mushroom stands
22.  Poppy seed cakes

So you see, no matter where you are, there will always be things you miss from somewhere else.  But one thing is for sure...there is no place like home and I am so glad to be here!

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