Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Christmas at Work

Christmas at Work

OK, so it isn't December yet, but I had time tonight and won't tomorrow for sure.  Every year the Geneabloggers post Christmas blog articles every day in Dec.  I did it last year and so I thought I would try it this year again.  Except I will try to think of some of my own subject matter.  Today is a quickie, and I thought I would just show some pictures from work.  Christmas at my work is usually pretty nice to look at.  My floor at the Family History Library, is the International Floor where we represent countless countries in Europe, excluding the British Isles and the US. 

We always have a pretty ancestor tree: 
Here I am standing in front of my ancestor who is hanging from the tree.  It's my dad and I will show a close up below.

All the little ornaments are pictures of someone's ancestor.  In my case, a very recent ancestor!

Here is a close-up of my dad on his first day of school in Freiberg, Germany.  Notice the sack of treats which is a German tradition!
And here's Heidi, and her parents.  They are the "ornament" 3rd from the top.  Heidi is the famous floor decorator.  And she does a fantastic job every time.

We have displays of many nativities.  This one from Poland! 

I am not sure where these are from, but they are sure nice to see!  I think that they all belong to Heidi.  I wonder what else she has at home!

And last, but not least my own little corner of the world.  My tree, my nativity and my candy bowl! And my first card of the season, to boot!  I love Christmas, even the hustle-bustle, but most of all I love happy faces of my four grandchildren who delight in everything they see!  It's worth every second and it is great to have a 4-generation family within the same block in town.  What could be better than that???

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  1. I love the picture of your Dad holding the sack of treats. When my brother and I started school in Poland in the late 50's we also had such sacks. What great fun that was not sure it still is. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season.