Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Polish Roads

Spencer also teases me about the conditions of Polish roads.  Well, as a result, I decided to post about it.  Here are some examples:
Construction...You see, it's just like here in Utah.  See any differences, Utah friends?

Sound proof walls on the sides where houses are near to the roads.
Skinny roads in Poland's countryside.  The passing is crazy here!  I am thankful to be alive!

At this time of year, the fields have been harvested and being prepared for next year.
A posting on Polish roads isn't complete without knowing about how much one is spending to keep traveling those Polish roads.  Our rental car, an Audi A-4 station wagon used only diesel.  The prices shown are per liter, so multiply 5.76 X 4 and then you have about a gallon.  (I will have to check to be sure, then divide by the current money currency exchange and that's how much I had to pay.  Each bill was about 270 Zlotys.  It's a goooood thing it wasn't in dollars!
The roads are shared by all!  So watch out!

Clear glass sound barriers on the "Autobahn".  I used the German term, because I don't know the Polish one.  The Road is called the A-4, I think!
And the lovely forest tree-lines roads...

Tight roads, hard to find parking, a common situation.
Two trains crossing at the same time, in opposite directions, of course!

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