Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Living on the Land!

These cuties are from Gora Sw. Anna.  I need a new coat....
This was quite a large field, and this man was working the field, all by hand.  Now that's hard work.  When you live on the land, you have to work on the land.  We saw him on this field going to our destination and still working after hours of having been at our destination. 

It's definitely Haying time in Silesia!  I wonder how they roll them like this???

A post about life on the land would not be complete without this picture!  My mom would always tell me how people hang their feather beds and pillows out the window in the morning "zum auslueften"!  (To air them out!)  This was a typical scene as we drove past the houses in the mornings.  Mom you were right about this...My question is, "How do they keep them from falling on the ground?"  I really want to know the answer to this one!
And here I am "Living on the Land".  Taking Bossy on a walk.  Check out her horns!  She is eyeing me quite suspicously, don't ya think?

Here we are in Nogowczyce at Dominika's grandfather's old house.  Enjoying the fowl!

Ruling the roost!
Bee hives in Kamien Gorowski.
I wrote an article saying how I heard a herd of elephants that was a herd of pigs.  They were upstairs in the window area of this building. 

Now here is a cute little guy!

Now he found a friend.
I must like the animal world!
If I go on a European trip without seeing a stork's nest, occupied or otherwise, I know I am in for bad luck, because, besides bringing babies, storks are known to bring GOOD LUCK!  And this trip I saw many.  How would you like this on the top of your chimney or electrical pole?

Even at the cemetery, they work hard on the land!
Haying time all over the land.

Corn fields blowing in the breeze.

Work, work, and more work.  Does it ever end?

 Behind this cloud of smoky dirt, there was a tractor!  It has completely disappeared, but believe me, it was there!
And after the work is done....

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