Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Billy Reb

Today the evening activity was canceled :( .  Too bad, it was a southern BBQ and a trip to the iron furnace which was described to have been alot of fun.  But it was canceled earlier in the week because of the chance of Isaac weather causing it to be problematic there.  Oddly it hasn't even rained.  So we haven't had any difficulties due to the weather, in case anyone wondered about it.  But I did learn something interesting from another conventioner that told me the reason this hotel is full of  "dogs".  I have heard one yapping everyday.  The reason, they are all New Orleans people coming as evacuees with their pet dogs.  As I write this, a news article is telling about all the cats and dogs that they are trying to rescue in Louisiana. 

Today I had duties at the FamilySearch booth.  It was fun because at the time I was there, I think I was the only "research" consultant and so I was able to help a lot of people.  Including a lady looking for an Alabama family with the name Grayson.  Boy we found a lot of southern Graysons, including hers.  It was interesting because my youngest grandson is "Grayson".    I also spent some time going through the  other booths to see what was there.  I even bought a couple of items.  So here I am with a real Billy Reb!

And here a shot of the FamilySearch booth.  There wasn't a lot of photos today because we aren't allowed to take pics of the speakers only FGS can do that.
So I had fun, met "networked" with lots of people, including some wanting German information while I was at the booth.  It was good timing, I guess, because I was the only German person around.

Well, tomorrow is my first presentation on Basic German.  Having seen some other presenters, I think I will do just fine!  Why do I always worry?  Hope it goes well!  It will be at 5:00 pm.  I have found that my work computer has some real bad keyboard problems.  I hope it won't mess me up tomorrow.  I never had it with the docking station keyboard I have been using.  Very weird.  Miss ya'll back at home.  Hey, I am picking up on the local lingo!

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