Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Own Recent Tombstone Tuesday Experience...

Well on Mar. 29th, 2012 my mother-in-law, Grace Nishimoto passed away.  She was born on 31 Aug. 1923.  She experienced a bad fall on the Monday prior to her passing.  It seemed to the family that after the fall that she was OK.  But her head had injuries inside that caused serious bleeding and she had to be taken to the hospital where she was put on life support.  On Thursday the family gathered as she was taken off life support, soon afterwhich she passed away.  It was hard on my husband, of course who had gone down their home in Nevada after he heard the sad news.  The funeral was April 6th and we went together as a family to the services.
Jamie and Erin set up the table for Grace's  memorabilia.  It was fun to see the pictures and even some recipe books that Erin brought with her.  On the left side there is a vest on a dress form.  Grace made this for Erin.  This in itself is a routine thing for her but in this case, as she was making it she also had a broken arm.  Now that is a bit of an accomplishment.  I couldn't do it even with 2 good arms!

The service was really nice and the talks by Cas, Ian and Erin provided me with some new insights and information that I knew nothing about. 
Here is my daughter's family at the viewing.  The kids dealt with things well.  But at the service they along with the other grandkids and great-grandkids sang "I am a Child of God, first in English and then in Japanese.  All of them had all the Japanese words memorized in a very quick time.  Smart kids!  However, as they sang the Japanese version, Ty started to have tears roll down his face and had a hard time singing and just then, Brecklyn standing to the front and side of him, looked at Ty, saw the tears and she started to cry.  Then neither one could sing, even though they did so well at practice.
This is the cemetery where she was buried in Boulder City, Nevada.

Pointing to their paver that the vets above found for their regiment, the 442nd "Go for Broke".  All of them were there together.

Each of us got a lei brought by Mark Kanetsuna.  His mother, Sharon, was the missionary companion of Grace in their single days.  Sharon Kanetsuna and her husband were at the Family History Library and they knew the Nishimotos, but I don't recall that they mentioned that they were missionary companions.  At least I can't remember that.  Sharon has also passed away.  The leis were provided by a friend of the family Hilton Lui.  I can still remember the wedding gift that he gave us, almost 38 years ago!

Here is Esther, Brecklyn, Emma and Keilani at the cemetery.  They got to be good friends again.  They don't get to see each other too often, but they always seem to enjoy being together.
Here we are at the gravesite.  It was a little unusual for me as there was no grass around the site at all.  Most of the stones I saw were the flat on the ground type.  I am hoping Grace gets a tombstone, but I suspect maybe the flat kind.  Note to fam:  I want a "tombstone".  You can use a small part of your inheritance for this.  Thank you...
Here is Logan paying his last respects and sharing a lei with great-grandma.  And with this I close this entry.  It was a solemn day but she is in a safe place and is back in the arms of her Savior.

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