Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Priests of Jarischau Kreis Gross Strehlitz

Through my work on reconstructing the parish of Jarischau because of the loss of all records during WW II, I have met a friend whose name is Christoph Sottor.  He was born in Jarischau and many of his ancestors were also born there.  He has given me a wealth of information, all of which I am able to share with you.  This post deals with the Priests who served this parish over the years.  So here is a listing of the priests as far as is known through his research:
1295 in the "Liber Fundationis" (foundation book) mentions his name but there is also an endowment of the parish priest in Jaryszow.
1451 Johannes Hayn served
1672-1677 Georg Johann Badesto (Badestinus) served.  He was born in 1638 at Zabrze and was ordained as a priest in 1671.
1679-1718 Nikodem Joseph Skupien served.  He was born 1653 in Ujezdz and ordained a priest in 1679.
1714/1718? till about 1724 Baltasar Jura served.  He was born 1685 at Niewieszy and ordained a priest in 1714.
1724 -? Ignatz Clamm served.
1727 Ignatz Popela was the parish Administrator, he served as decon and pastor of Ujeszd.
1730-1762 Sigmund Ceglarski was priest. He died in Jaryszow in 1762.
1766-? Joseph Guenzweig served.  He was born in 1705.
1776 and 1777 till ? Anton Riedel was priest.
1778-1782 Anton Lokotsch.  He was removed from serving due to drunkeness and unruly behaviour.
1782 Johann Werner served as parish administrator and vikar and Ujezdz.
14 May 1783 Andreas Pawelek served as administrator and priest of Ujezdz.
18 Oct 1784 till 11 Mar 1835 Thomas Szyszka served (I found many entries of baptisms, etc. of Father Szyszka in the surrounding villages and these are in my reconstruction project)  He was born 21 Sep 1746 at Wieszowe and was ordained a priest 21 Sep 1771.  He died on 11 Mar. 1835 at Jaryszow at the age of 89 years.  He celebrated 50 years of priesthood. 24 Oct 1833 fire destroyed the roof of the church tower and rectory and the outbuildings.
From the years 1835 till 1838, the parish was administered by the parish of Ujazd.
1838 the administrator of the parish then the pastor was Johannes Rzepka.  He was born 17 Nov 1804 in Kotlarni and was ordained a priest 19 Mar 1831.
7 Nov 1849-1870 Karol Dolanski served.  He was born 22 Jun 1823 at Ratibor and ordained a priest 17 Jun 1847.  1866 he was inspector of the school. 
Oct 1870-28 Feb 1871 Joseph Kaluza served as the priest.
1871 the administrator was Otto Elias.  He served as priest from 18 May 1873-27 Mar 1879 and was born 27 Sep. 1839 at Jankowice and ordained a priest in 25 Nov. 1863.  He died 27 Mar 1879 at Jarischau and buried at Rudach Ratibor.
From Apr 1870 till 18 Jun 1882 the parish remains vacant and was supported by neighboring parish priests during the Culturefight.
18 Jun 1882 served as assistant priest, Franz Xaver Reszka, who became priest on 7 Oct 1886 till 14 Dec 1892.  He was born in Polsim Browiencu in the community of Biala and was ordained as a priest 28 Jun 1873. He died in 1911.
May 1893-4 Mary 1898, Bruno Alexander Laska was the priest.  He was born 2 Sep 1864 in Tost and ordained priest 23 Jun 1890.  From 1898 he was in Pszowie and died in 1938.
May 1898-8Aug 1898 the adminstrator ws Franz Karkosz and he was priest of Chechlau.
Aug 1898-10 Feb. 1928, the priest was Franz Xaver Barysch.  He was born 11 Sep 1868 at Biedrzycowice and ordained priest 11 Jun 1894.  He died 10 Feb 1928 at Jaryszow.
29 Aug 1928 the administrator was Alfons Kuczera
29 Aug 1928-24 Feb. 1940, the priest was Thomas Gambietz.  He was born 15 Feb 1888 and made a priest 18 Jun. 1914.  He died 24 Feb 1940 at Jaryszow.
From 19 Mar-19 Jul 1940 the parish was run by Fathers Johann Schmidt and Wiktor Mika, priests of Klutschau.
19 Jul 1940-25 Jan 1945 the Priest was Alfons Siersetzki.  He was born 28 Aug 1903 and ordained a priest 2 Feb 1930.  He and Sister Anna were killed by Soviet soldiers on 25 Jan 1945.
Feb-Apr 1945 the parish was operated by Father Franz Grabisch, Vikar, and then Priest of Ujazd, and then was forced to leave to Germany.
May-Aug 1945 the parish was handled by Father Thomas Wolny.
22 Oct 1945-27 Aug 1988 the priest was Bernard Gerlic.  He was born 6 Aug 1910 in Koscieliskach, and ordained a priest 20 Jun 1937 and deacon of the diocese of Ujazd.
1993 he lived in a home for retired priests in Opole.
Krystian Krawiec was ordained a priest 11 May 1980, and Vikar in Jarischau from from Aug. 1981.  Born in Zedowice 20 Dec. 1952. 

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