Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm Too Old!

Well, I have been a lazy blogger... Actually a very busy one, just not at blogging for the moment.  I have gotten new information from my researcher in Germany on my Hoeke, Geissler lines from Sueptitz, Elsnig, Grosswig and Beilrode.  I still haven't got it all organized.  And on top of that, work has been really hectic for me in the last month.  But I have had much better health than I have had in quite a while and so someone I am still going at it full speed.  So today was the opening day of the Rootstech conference at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City.  FamilySearch was the host and had many sponsors and groups which collaborated and helped.  I took a couple of pics.  Here they are:

And a warm welcome to all of you!

Here is a view of the exibit hall. 

Here is a display from brightsolid, one of the biggest supporters and sponsors and they are from England and their reps were all here today.
Here is the BIGGEST printer I have ever seen!  On the left are the colored ink cartridges. You see the displays behind it?  Those are what it prints!  Can I have one for Christmas PLEASE!!!  I think I will need a new house to go along with big deal...

And here is Heidi ready to view the exhibit. 

Over 3,000 participants were signed up.  Jay Verkler in his keynote address said that we are envisioning the year 2060 (therefore my title).  And what technology will be like in that year and how it will affect the genealogy world.  Hard to imagine.  But by then I will be in my early 100's and if alive at a yuchy care facility!  So I will imagine the next 20 years and that will be enough for this researcher!  Have fun at the rest of the conference!

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