Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday!

OK, the geneaBloggers have themes.  Tombstone Tuesday, wordless Wednesday, etc.  I may have gotten them even wrong.  I am not sure.  The only thing I blog right is the Advent Calenday.  But I thought I would post a few German tombstones.  I re-found these while looking for some pictures that I can use for a Powerpoint presentation I will be doing at FGS in Alabama.  So here they are:

This is the gravestone of my grandmother, Ottilie Gralla.  She was born in Koschentin, which is now Koszecin, Poland.  She died in Steinheim, Hessen, Germany.  This stone is no longer here.  I was so sad to find that out the last time I was in Germany.  I wanted to go and pay my respects and found out her plot and been turned over, recycled as it were.  I think that is such a shame and don't understand it.  I know about it, but when it's your grandmother it's really a sad thing.  I have bought our plots, can hold 6 people, actually.  So they are ours forever and that is how it should be.  Don't you think so too?
Here is the grave stone of Marie Jahn, my cousin's grandmother.  I am not sure if that grave is still there.  I kind of don't think it is either.  It is in the same cemetery as the previous picture.

Here is a random shot of that cemetery in Steinheim.
Here is a picture of a grave of my grandchildren's relatives in Ostheim.  Ostheim is very close to Steinheim.  My grandchildren's other grandmother's family has roots in Ostheim.  The Mehrlings, Brodt families and others.
Here are Heinrich and Auguste Brodt.
And here is Dorothea and Karl Mehrling's grave in Ostheim.  I will try to post others next Tuesday!

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