Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Another Tombstone Tuesday

I almost forgot that I was going to post a few more stones from the past.  I just remembered and so here they are:

Here is a Photo of the gravesite of Jacob Hofheins in the Levan Cemetery.  A comment that I would like to make about the date:  It has Dec. 4, 1812 as his birthdate.  The German record in the birthplace of Rueppuhr in Baden Germany gives 14 Oct. 1812 as his birthday.  All the US records I have seen and family "tradition" have 4 Dec. as is seen above.  But the birth record disproves this.

Here is the grave of Elease and Clarence Hofheins, also in the same cemetery.  The little Hofheins peeking over the top, is Tyson.  He was quite a bit younger when this photo was taken.
Here is a picture of the Levan cemetery.
Here is a picture of the Panna Maria, Texas gravestone of Jan Dziuk.  One would think Tyson likes cemeteries?  Or is his mean gramma taking him to some "scary" places?  Actually, I want him to develop  a love for his ancestors and all the things they experienced so that he could have this nice life he has today.

Here is stone from the birthplace of my grandmother, Otillie Gralla.  The parish is in Koschentin, which is now Koszecin in Poland.  It is Florian Dziuk born 1920 and died 1981. 
So that is all for today!

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