Sadow Parish 2010

Sadow Parish 2010

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar Tree ornaments Dec. 3

The ornaments on the tree as I grew up were usually the colored glass balls that when dropped would totally shatter into some very dangerous pieces.  I loved helping hang them on our tree and I was sure I was very artistically gifted as I placed them.  As I watch kids put decorations on the tree now as an adult, you see how their height plays a big part on where things end up.  All on the bottom.  Yes, a child's tree would certainly be "bottom-heavy".  But how wonderful to be able to do it and then later mom could adjust them to make for a more balanced tree, right? 

As I mentioned when we first came to America we still used the clip-on holders with real candles.  No high electric bills here, right?  But they were pretty.  I wonder if I would ever be brave enough to do it again!  The thought makes me a little nervous, to say the least.  Specially, since I sometimes forget to turn the lights off when I go to bed...what a disaster that would be! 

Tinsel was a biggie back in the late 50's and through the 60's.  Carefully placed and shiny...    We made lots of decorations at school.  I particularly remember an orange with cloves stuck in it.  I really never understood the purpose of that one...  And the paper grandkids put some on our tree the other day.  They worked a long time on those chains!  I still have some homemade decorations that my kids made at school.  Although they aren't on the tree, they are still in the Christmas containers.  Memories can't be thrown away all that easily for me.  My husband says I shouldn't hoard this stuff, but I am a little on the sentimental side...We are very different that way.

Cranberry chains and popcorn chains I well remember.  Although at our house I remember tree garlands.  I don't know that the ornaments on our tree were very well matched as we never seemed to have a lot of money as I was growing up but regardless of how fancy they were, what was more important was the spirit of the season and the excitement that the season represented and the love of Christ, our Savior.
Our Office Tree 2011

Heidi, our office CEO of office decor, was in charge of the tree.  The decoration on the bottom is my dad on his first day of school.  In Germany you were given these big cones of goodies.  I love that tradition!
And this year's tree at home, Jamie's yearly job. 

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  1. Wow! Sonja, I also remember the candle clips... I also remember one day as a small child pulling the tree down on my self, lite candles and all. By some miracle, nothing bad happened. In case you are still interested in what the oranges with the cloves are for? It's actually one of the original air fresheners. More then likely better for us then anything we put in our air now.
    Merry Christmas Sonja!